Monday, 8 March 2010

Safe But Elegant For Work: Silk Naturals swatches and review

Hi there!

I think I've finally conquered the damn virus that was pestering me for days so I thought I'd get back to blogging. Also, Happy International Women's Day!

I've received some hauls and I decided to swatch them because when you find something good, it's nice to forward the message to your fellow makeup addicts. First up is Silk Naturals.

My friend Phyrra has used Silk Naturals products in her looks many a time so I finally decided to find out if I'd like them, too (well, duh, is she ever wrong?). I wanted to test out more neutral shades. So I picked up some eyeshadows, a blush and two lipglosses.

Full sized eyeshadows cost $4, blushes $6.50 and lipglosses $4.50 (full sizes) which is extremely affordable. The site is a bit pain to navigate at times (especially some of the swatch photos don't necessarily show the shade you're looking at) but I found things I liked quite quickly. Silk Naturals also produces "clones" or dupes of famous colours. I picked up some of these although the only original colour I was familiar with was Stila's Kitten. Some of the products descriptions have suggestions for matching lippie and blush or complementing eyeshadow which is a nice touch.

I paid $5.75 for shipping which was a pleasant surprise. My order was shipped almost instantly and it arrived in a little over a week. Because my order was over $30, I got a free eyeshadow! Karen Stark (the owner, how cool is that name?) sure knows how to pamper her customers. I also got another freebie - completely unexpected. Silk Naturals doesn't offer samples on eyeshadows or lippies at all so no free samples with order.

The eyeshadows are very shimmery. I personally love shimmery neutrals so I was excited but I've heard that some people find the shimmer a bit too much. I love shimmery neutrals because it gives that extra something to a colour that might otherwise be regarded as dull. However, the eyeshadows apply very smoothly, even though there may be some colour fall-off because the pigments are quite fine. Pigmentation is good, you don't need to re-apply or pile up on the colours. Some of the eyeshadows seem to have silk powder in them so vegans need to read the ingredients lists closely. Pigment feels fine but apply evenly and silky. Lipglosses are more like really glossy lipsticks that remind me of MAC's Slimshine lippies and that in my book is a good thing! I love Slimshine lippies because they're not sticky but they still manage to make your lips look juicy. Same with Silk Naturals glosses. I have to say that I'm in love with these.

Okay, so you don't have to just take my word, here are my swatches. I would've liked to swatch the lippies on my lips but that has to wait. Hand swatches only. Eyeshadows are swatched on TFSI+Pixie Epoxy, blush and lipglosses on bare skin.

(L toR) Whisper, Tailfeather, Purrr

Whisper: Pink shimmer clone of MAC's Her Ladyship (golden colour with pink base)
Tailfeather (free): Inspired by the feathers of a real wild turkey (coppery gold, almost chocolatey)
Purrr: Stila Kitten clone, shimmering pink champagne

I didn't get to compary Purrr to Kitten because my Kitten is MIA but I do love the shade. I think if you love neutrals and you're about to make an order with Silk Naturals, this is the shade you should get. Tailfeather looks great, too. The shade is very multifaceted which I like. Whisper is almost my skin shade but with shimmer! Makes a great highlighter, me thinks.

(L to R) S.W.A.K., Retro, Dreamy, Lurid

S.W.A.K. (free): (I tried to find this shade on the website but couldn't, LE maybe?) Mauve with pink shades
Retro: Very shimmery light pink MAC's Kitchmas clone, leans to purple (this is marked as a pure pigment)
Dreamy: Shimmery muted lavender
Lurid: MAC Moth Brown clone, plum taupe velvet matte (not as shimmery as the other colours)

I love S.W.A.K. which I got as a freebie. It looks pink and it looks purple, it all depends on the light. It's definitely more purple than Retro which is much more shimmery. Dreamy is, well, dreamy. It looked lighter on the website but I'm happy it turned out to be darker. Lurid stands out because it's less shimmery compared to the other colours. However, it's not completely matte but it's not satiny, either. More like matte with shimmer.

(L to R): Stardust blush, Darling lipgloss, Breathless lipgloss

Stardust: MAC Moon River clone, light pinky peach shimmer blush (with golden shimmer)

Darling: Peachy pink
Breathless: pink satin shimmer

I have to say I love Stardust blush. It's the perfect ratio of pink and peach infused together with golden tones. It warms up my skin but I bet this would look amazing on darker skintones as well.

Although the swatch photo makes Darling look almost brownish, it's the perfect "my lips but better" shade for me. It evens out the colour of my lips (my lips turn blue very easily when I'm cold which makes me look like I'm dying of hypothermia) and gives a nice, glossy finish. A definite favourite for me.

Breathless isn't as red as it looks in the swatch. It has some brown in it. On my lips it looks almost mauve-ish which is not a bad thing at all.

In all, I'm very happy with my Silk Naturals order and will definitely order again.

What about you, readers? Have you tried Silk Naturals? See anything you like here?