Saturday, 31 January 2009

Sorely disappointed with FaceFront

You know how I've been raving about FaceFront's products? Well, I won't be extending those raves to their customer service. In fact, I have decided not to post any swatches or looks displaying FaceFront's products.


Well, my order went missing. I e-mailed them about it about two weeks ago. I got a reply some days later stating that "they were worried that my order was missing" and I was asked to confirm which order was missing (although I had already provided them with the transaction ID). I didn't get a reply and I e-mailed them again. I sent them another message. No response. Yesterday they finally managed to reply to me and asked me if I wanted my order re-sent. I almost sent them a reply saying "No, I'm just e-mailing you because I have no friends". I mean, if you complain about a missing order, doesn't it mean you want it? I e-mailed them saying "yes, I want my order re-sent". Today I got a reply saying that the Buenos Aires blush I ordered is sold out. Great.

Had they answered me earlier, I would have gotten what I ordered. Now, they seem to be quite content to offer another product but no apologies. I'm bloody furious.

So no FaceFront for you from me. I will not promote a company that thinks ignoring their customers is the way to run a business.


Saila, the Adventurous Purple Koala

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

SwatchOut: Aromaleigh vol. 1

Despite today's initial shock and promise that I wouldn't post anything today, I got my sample order from Aromaleigh (highly praised by dear Decorative Diva/Phyrra) so I did swatches.

First of all, Aromaleigh's CS in first class. If you are making an international order, they send you a message where they ask that you have read the terms and guidelines for international order and undersood them, and that you reply to their message by either confirming or cancelling your order. If they don't hear from you, they won't process your order. Also, you get free samples.

Here are the swatches:

Above (from left to right) swatches from Bête Noire collection: Viviane, Mireille, Lisette

Below (from left to right) swatches from Gothic Lolita collection: Purple Princess, Morbid Curiosity

Viviane is a copper with pink sparkles althoug the website says it's an "intense smokey bronzed violet with bright purple sparkles". I think I'll try this one with FaceFront's Death by Rubies (swatches coming soon..), this is a bit lighter than that one.

Mireille is a dark purple with pink and copper sparkles (the website agrees with me with this one, or is it the other way around *lol*). I like Mireille, it's my favourite of these Bête Noir samples.

Lisette to me is shimmery cranberry pink. Again, the website and I don't see eye to eye because according to it Lisette is "a romantic orchid violet with gold shimmer". I like the metal-like finish of this one.

Now, for the Gothic Lolita collection.

I can only describe Purple Princess by Aromaleigh's own words: deep, satiny purple with rich rose tones and a russet shadow. I like moody purples and this definitely is one. It's no accident that this shade has ended up in the Gothic Lolita collection..

Morbid Curiosity is a very complex colour (I picked it because of its name). Aromaleigh website describes it as "smoked berries and plums with a multidimensional silvery green midtone. Curious". Curious indeed. I find it more like smoked, taupe-ish lilac and there's definitely green and silver sparks. I can't wait to create a look with this one.

Moving on...

Above (from left to right) swatches from Satin Petals Frost collection: Basil, Ivy, Lilypad

Below (from left to right) swatches from Pure Eyes Frost collection: Jade, Orchid

All of these are very soft, delicate colours. That doesn't mean they are not highly pigmented, they are. They are just completely different from the dark Bête Noir and Gothic Lolita collections.

Basil is a lovely green, a bit silvery and greyish. I love this colour although I can't remember why I ordered it. I'm just glad I did.

I'm a bit dissappointed with Ivy. It's a bit like Basil gone to the dark side but a more forest green. I may end up liking it but this is my first impression.

Lilypad is another favourite. It's a silvery green but with turquoise sheen. I think I'll try to pair it up with something purple...

Jade is not a jade shade, let me make that clear. This Jade is minty turquoise. The "real" jade colour should be light golden green. I don't like Aromaleigh's Jade. Sorry.

Orchid is pink with purple sheen. Love love love. I think it'll pair up nicely with Lilypad, for axample.

From left to right swatches from Rocks! Sonic Eyes collection: Atomic, Moonagedaydream, Spellbound

These shades look wicked in their sample bags!

Atomic is lemony yellow as the website indicates (it's also blacklight reactive). However, on skin it's not that vibrant as I expected, as can be seen from the photo. A bit 'meh' really.

Moonagedaydream is dark teal with shimmer. The website says it's gold shimmer but I can't put my finger on it. I guess it's golden but I feel like there's something else. Unlike Atomic, this one is as vibrant as it looks in the bag.

Spellbound is an amethyst purple (score for the website) and blacklight reactive. What can I say, it's awesome. I want to go clubbing so I can wear it!!!

In all, I found Aromaleigh's products of very high quality. The minerals glide on perfectly and despite a few duds, I love the products. Okay, I don't agree with some of the shade descriptions.

Hit and run

I was going to write to you something about waterproof mascara but I just got hit by a car. I'm alright, a bit shocked though. The driver just fled from the scene. My foot hurts (the car went over it) but nothing's broken. So, no texts today. I'm still feeling a bit jumpy and panicky and I hate the fact that I have to be at work. I need snuggles.

One thing I can say about waterproof mascara is that Max Factor Masterpiece Waterproof is tearproof: didnt' smudge a bit. I don't know if I love the mascara because I find the elastic brush a bit weird and creepy.


Saila, the Adventurous Purple Koala

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Peacock Feathers with Beauty from the Earth

Today I decided to try out BFTE for real. I actually tried to make a look with the shade Jewel on Friday but that failed miserably as the colour just sort of stuck on one place and wouldn't budge. I look bruised and had to take it of and go for something else.

Anyhoot, my look's inspiration was the shade called Peacock. When I did the swatches a while ago, I realized that it would go nicely with Mermaid and Shamrock. Also, these three shades were the only ones that went on smoothly when I did the swatches.

Peacock Feathers

Meow Inquisitive Chausie Pampered Puss foundation (1st layer of foundation)
Meow Inquisitive Sphynx Pampered Puss foundation (2nd layer of foundation)
Meow Inquisitive Chausie concealer
UDPP (on upper lids)
Beauty from the Earth Mermaid eyeshadow (on inner corners on the upper lid)
Beauty from the Earth Shamrock eyeshadow (on the middle of the upper lid, on lower lids)
Beauty from the Earth Peacock eyeshadow (outer vee and crease)
Lime Crime Snow Queen magic dust (as a highlighter below brows)
MAC Blacktrack paint pot (as a liner on upper lash line)
Meow Quartz Crystalline Cat Powder (on cheekbones)
Meow A Lick and a Promise Lush Blush (on cheeks)
MAC Pleasing Slimshine Lipstick

As you can see, the shades blend together very well. What is interesting, is that Mermaid is a yellow with green sheen and Shamrock is a green with yellow sheen. So they pair up beautifully. Peacock is actually a more usable colour than I thought. It also has this greenish finish.

As you can see, I still can't pose for the camera but I think I'm getting slightly better... Right?
I love the Slimshine lipstick, it's so smooth. Pleasing is a great colour.

As you can see, I have "oomphed" up my hair colour. I used a toner mousse so the colour stays on about 6 washes. it's not a lot but I don't want to use "real" hair dyes. Also, I think I need to grow my hair longer.
I'm not sure if I'm going to order from BFTE again. I may be getting the colours I used here, not sure yet.
Saila, the Adventurous Purple Koala

Monday, 19 January 2009

SwatchOut: Beauty from the Earth

I have swatches, again. This time I ordered a couple of samples from Beauty from the Earth after reading about their makeup on xsparkage's blog.

First of all, I don't know what to think. I want to say I love them but I'm just not sure. I mean, their customer service is first class (they sent me two free samples, one of which was a colour that was at the time sold out but I told them that I would like to have that colour if they still have it instead of another colour if possible. So they sent me both colours and another free sample). But before I get ahead of myself, let's see the swatches:

Top (left to right): Honey, Mermaid, Tuscany, Jewel

Bottom (left to right): Sugar Plum, Shamrock, Peacock

Honey was the colour that was sold out. It's a metallic taupe with gold sheen.

Mermaid is a yellow with green sheen (a so-called dualtone or duochrome colour). It's more metallic than Lime Crime's Amazon.

Tuscany is a rusty red colour. I don't know what to do with it as it clashes with my skin. This was the free sample I got.

Jewel is a sort of forget-me-not blue with pink sheen. It's gorgeous (and really hard to photograph!) colour, also a duochrome. I think it would look awesome on brown eyes.

Sugar Plum is a lavender colour with multicoloured sparkle. This is very glittery colour; when I opened the bag it was in, I had Sugar Plum flying all over my bathroom. I'm afraid it will wear off very easily. We'll just have to see.

Shamrock is a golden green and very vibrant. If you love greens and want to try out BFTE, try this.

Peacock is a vibrant turquoise blue with green sheen. Again, this is hard to photograph, the green sheen slides from blue to green to golden. Awesome colour and I think it will pair up nicely with Mermaid.

Below a picture in a warmer lighting:

So I told you I didn't know if I love these colours? Let me tell you why. They are damn hard to apply. I mean, usually minerals just glide on your skin and you don't need to use that much product. These felt too 'light', as if there was more glitter than actual pigments. Honey and Sugar Plum were a pain to swatch as I had trouble of getting a good amount of colour on the back of my hand. Also, Honey and Tuscany stuck on my skin, I had to wash my hands three times. Usually I get mineral makeup off on just one wash.

But I'm not giving up just yet. I will try a look with some of the colours next weekend and see how it works out. But for now, if you're going to order samples and want my opinion, stick with the less glittery colours.
Saila, the Adventurous Purple Koala

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Pink Spring look PLUS swatches from Cuberry

Today I was going to visit my parents because mum needed help dyeing her hair. Again, I had to drag myself up way too early and try to look human. What a wonderful way to collect looks for your blog!

So, I stumbled upon Cuberry a while ago when I was reading xsparkage's blog. I liked the swatches and ordered Pink Bikini and Naked Peaches. Pink Bikini is a sweet, vibrant pink and Naked Peaches is like a mix between peach, bronze, pink and gold. Very hard to describe. So I have swatches!

Left to right: Naked Peaches, Pink Bikini

I love these colours. They are very soft but vibrant. Cuberry webstore doesn't have swatches but there is a picture of the product in its container plus a verbal description of the shade. They are pretty accurate, at least these colours are what I meant to order in the first place. Cuberry doesn't offer samples. Sometimes you just have to take the plunge.. But for what it's worth, I would recommend their products.

So I decided to make a look using these colours as my inspiration.

Pink Spring look

Meow Inquisitive Himalayan Pampered Puss foundation

Meow Inquisitive Chausie Concealer (I have a couple of pesky zits on my chin)

Meow A Lick and a Promise lush blush

Cuberry Pink Bikini (all over eyelid)

Cuberry Naked Peaches (on outer vee and crease, almost up to eyebrows)

Coastal Scents 24k gel liner (upper and lower lash line)

Dior Diorshow Waterproof mascara

Makeup Store Zoom lipgloss

Okay, this is how well the colours blend to each other. I love this look, though I say it myself.

I hate it when I find makeup "hints" regarding hair, skin or eye colour. Because according to these hints I shouldn't be attempting to wear pink eye makeup. Because pink doesn't look goos on redheads. [Bleep] it, I think that people should wear colours they feel comfortable in. Okay, I know there are colours that make me look bad and I don't wear them. But in reality, you won't know if something looks good or bad before you try it.

Mmmm, bad picture. But as you can see, pink looks good on my eyes.

And it seems to bring out the golden specks I have around my pupils. But I find the pink and gold colour combination really flattering for my eyes. It's a bit summery look and I know that summer is still far far away (at least in Finland it is), but I'm getting a bit tired of the 'wintery' look.

What colours are you waiting to get your mitts on this spring (when it eventually comes)? And have you ever had to disagree with the traditional makeup hints?
Saila, the Adventurous Purple Koala

Saturday, 17 January 2009

SwatchOut: Facefront vol. 1

Okay, I got some of the products I ordered from Facefront Cosmetics. I'm still waiting for two (my first order was splitted in two). I grew tired of waiting so I'm doing some swatches now and rest of them later.

From left to right: Ice Melt, Blushing, Weekend Warrior

I used UDPP on the back of my hand to really show off the shades.

Ice Melt is looks peachy in the container but it has this blue sheen that changes according to light. Actually, when I used it on my eyes for the first time, sometimes it looked like I wasn't wearing any eyeshadow at all and then I tilted my head or the light came from a different angle, BOOM. Blue shine. It has some pink in it, too.

Blushing is a very delicate colour, perfect for sparkly nude makeup. Works as a highlighter, too. It's sort of peachy pink with gold sparkle.

Weekend Warrior is Purple with a capital p. It's almost the same colour as Empress but this has a slight cool grape vibe going on. For such a strong colour it's very buildable and wearable. What can I say, it's perfect. This is what purple is about.

I like Facefront's colours. I can't say for sure if I love the company since I really hate the website (when you say that eyeshadow finishes vary "from sheer or opaque", it would be nice if it was mentioned that which shades are sheer and which opaque) but the actual products are great. Of course, the lack of proper shade descriptions can mean that you'll learn to hate their products when you don't get what you thought you ordered. But if you're ready for makeup lottery and feeling lucky, I can guarantee that at least the product consistency is great. The colour's are vibrant and they don't fade (at least not with a primer).

Facefront doesn't offer samples so the risk of getting a wrong kind of colour is rather big. However, they do offer 20 day return if you're not happy with the colour.


Saila, the Adventurous Purple Koala

Going Dame Edna

Yesterday I wandered into MAC's counter at Stockmann's and what was waiting for me? The Dame Edna collection. Of course, most people have already sampled the collection and seen it a thousand times so I decided to approach it differently.

I bought Vericose Violet nail polish and Possum Nose Pink lipglass (no spelling mistake here, MAC's signature gloss is called lipGLASS because it's so shiny) from the collection. The eyshadow trios were nice but nothing out of the ordinary (except for the kooky packaging). MAC website describes Varicose Violet as "frosty mid-tone pinkish purple" and Possum Nose Pink as "sheer bright coral with multidimensional pearl". The packaging of the lipglass is funky!

This is how the Varicose Violet looks on nails. There is a definite pink sheen but I think the colour is not purple, it's mauve. I love the colour. There's a funny story to this nail polish. I don't speak English as my first language and though my vocabulary is quite broad, there are words that I can't even guess what they mean. I studied the shade name and realized that I had no idea what a 'varicose' is. I was thinking a tropical flower because the colour was so gorgeous. So I bought the nail polish, went home and reached for my dictionary. Varicose is not a tropical flower, I get that now. Those of you who speak Finnish, varicose means 'suonikohju'. Lovely.

I took these pictures again on our balcony. The balcony glasses were frozen (yes, it's that cold) so I had to play with it in this pic. I think the ice looks cool (pun intended) with my Varicose Violet.

So I decided to do a Dame Edna inspired look for today. I had less than an hour to dress up, eat breakfast and do my makeup before heading to town to meet my parents for a shopping spree. So, I decided to use purple and my new lipglass.

Koala's Dame Edna Look

Meow Inquisitive Chausie Pampered Puss foundation (first layer)
Meow Inquisitive Sphynx Pampered Puss foundation (second layer)
Lime Crime Marie Antoinette blush
Meow Quartz Crystalline Glow (on cheekbones)
Facefront Weekend Warrior eyeshadow (all over lid)
Coastal Scents Platinum gel liner
Dior Diorshow waterproof mascara
MAC Possum Nose Pink lipglass

The reason why I'm using two different shades of foundations is that I've found that Sphynx is too yellow on me. So I'm waiting for my order on Inquisitive Himalayan which is my actual match. Until I get it I have to use two shades.

As you can see, Weekend Warrior is a very vibrant purple. Oh I hate this picture so let's move on..

Okay, here you can see the silver gel liner from Coastal Scents. I think it pairs perfectly with Weekend Warrior and brightens the eye. I used a flash in this photo to bring out shiny finish of the liner. I really like how little product you need to build a good finish.
Well, I told you I didn't have much time with the waking up early and the shopping. But below is how I looked when I left the house after 20 minutes of beautification:

I did PRETTY good *lol* I love the lipglass though at first I thought it would be too orangey (yes, the name is confusing. It says pink but it looks orangey red in the container and sparkly reddish pink on your skin). I love how it glistens, there are obviously blueish or mauveish sparkles that plump up your lips, so to speak.
Oh, and if you live in Finland and you are thinking about getting Varicose Violet after reading this post, you're late. I bought the last one in Finland and they are not getting any more. Sowwy.
I may post some swatches soon...
Saila, the Adventurous Purple Koala

Thursday, 15 January 2009

DISCOUNT COUPONS from Meow Cosmetics!

Meow is having a sale because they have reopened for year 2009 after a holiday break. Note that there is a delay on shipping since they are sending the orders in the order they were received during the holidays so they are very busy!

These codes are valid till January 17th.

15% off orders over $100.00
Code: 15off2009

10% off orders over $25.00
Code: NewYearPurrr10

Only one coupon per order. Check out the further details on their website:

I'm not ordering anything because I'm saving for my trip (no pun intended) to Amsterdam and my boyfriend ordered my some goodies from Meow on New Year's Day (he's a real sweetie, isn't he? <3 )

Are you placing an order? What are you getting?


Saila, the Adventurous Purple Koala

Monday, 12 January 2009

FREE SHIPPING from Facefront Cosmetics!!!

Facefront is offering free shipping for all orders (including international orders) for three days, starting today!

Just type in freeshipping to the discount code box!

Coming up, hopefully sooner than later

I didn't get my Facefront haul yet but I did get one eyeshadow from that brand from Ilse as I had made my order before they released their winter collection. The eyeshadow I got was Ice Melt which looks like a peach colour but when you apply it, OH MY, it has an undescribable colour. It's sort of peachy but there's blueish sheen and some pink and the whole colour changes according the light. It's AWESOME. I'm wearing it today with Meow's Port (from their Winter Spirits collection) and MAC's black Technakohl. I decided not to wear lippie as I want to flaunt my eyes!

So, as I couldn't take pics because of the lack of light but I decided to write on choosing a colour on the webstores. Most webstores have pictures of their makeup colours, usually the picture is taken of a clump of makeup. Some have a verbal description as wll and some combine these two ways of depicting colour. Of course, there are differences in the quality of the pictures and how one's monitor displays them. So, I decided to review some of the places I've bought my makeup from by looking at their way of describing and depicting makeup colours.

Meow Cosmetics has both a picture of the product and an explanation of the colour. The picture of the colour is taken from a clump of the colour. I don't know if it's because of photography but some colours look exactly like they look in irl but some colours can be way off. For example, Abra-Cat-Abra! feliner looks almost bright fuchsia in the pic, the text says it's "Bright, true grape purple with gold and silver sparkle!" but what I got was light lavender liner. This is very rare with Meow as usually if I'm torn between taking or leaving a colour, I make my final decision on their verbal description. And Abra-Cat-Abra! is the first colour that has been off in both descriptions. And I have a lot of stuff from Meow. But I still recommend getting samples before buying full sizes since especially some of the more complex colours are a bit tricky. You can also do a search for Meow swatches on a search engine and my friend Decorative Diva does Meow swatches too (a link to her blog on the right side of my blog).

Lime Crime has a pic of the clump of colour, a pic of the colour on eyelid AND a verbal description of the colour. This is great since you can actually see what the colour looks like on you eyes (or someone's eyes, teehee) and you can read about the possible undertones. And the colours look exactly like in pictures! You can also try a search engine for finding swatches, though it's not necessary since the photographs and descriptions are very accurate.

Facefront is the most ambiguous about their colour description. The pics are very small and they are not taken of the actual products (at least it seems that way, correct me if I'm wrong). There's no verbal description of the colours and they don't offer samples. So basically you're ordering products by your gut instinct and hoping to get something you'll love. There are some swatches on xsparkage's blog (click Product Reviews on the upper corner of her blog and look for Facefront swatches) and again a search engine will solve some of this problem. But most of the swatches I found were taken of the same colours. I have only one Facefront's eyeshadow, Ice Melt, and the pic doesn't tell you anything about the colour. As I mentioned, I'm getting some goodies from Facefront soon, so I'll be posting some swatches.

I'll probably do another post like this when I order from a new company and get the products. These opinions present my own subjective view and my experiences on these companies.

Until then,

Saila, the Adventurous Purple Koala

Monday, 5 January 2009

Here it is

So, this is it. My blog. All rights reserved (except for the background and service provider), read at your own will and risk, accept no substitutes etc.

Perhaps this is not the perfect moment to make a first entry as I'm coming down with a stomach bug and had to take the rest of the day off from work but I'm not known from my patience.
To make things easier for my readers, I have anticipated some of your questions :)

Why are you starting a (makeup) blog?

Well, because the idea sort of popped into my head and when I mentioned it to my friends, they thought that I should go for it. Also, Finland is not known for its abundance of different makeup lines so I'm always constantly buying and trying stuff that can't be found here. And I'm always giving tips to my friends on what to try out and which products are worth ordering and which are complete rubbish (in my opinion).

I'm not a makeup artist or an expert of any kind but I have done a lot of things with makeup and learned that there are things worth trying and things that should never be attempted.
Also, I'm in the process of writing my Master's Thesis (the horror, the horror and the hours of sheer desperation) and I need an outlet. This is it.

Why the name 'The Adventurous Purple Koala' ?

Why not?

I love koalas. I feel close to them as I need at least 8 hours of sleep to be able to operate a ballpoint pen. And I'm known to be able to sleep over 12 hours with no great difficulty (the reason why my gorgeous and hunky boyfriend calls me a koala). I actually made my parents pay for a language course in Sydney, Australia, just because I wanted to see koalas. Of course, I told them that I needed the course to brush up my English (partly true) but for that I could have saved a truck load of money by going to England. I study English as my major subject at the University of Helsinki (and at the university of life, apparently) so I even could have stayed here and improved my skills and pronunciation with very dull courses. I mean, come on, if you had the opportunity to use your educational orientation as a reason to see [insert your favourite animal here], wouldn't you pack your bags and just go?

Purple is my favourite colour. Of course, there are shades of purples, lilacs, mauves that do not appeal to me. But oh, the right shades of purple... Purple eyeshadow makes my eyes more green and purple tops/knits/shirts make my red hair even more fiery. That's reason enough for me.

As for adventurous, I enjoy travelling and seeing new places. I want to learn about different cultures and I love to learn new languages. Finnish is my first language but I can speak English, Swedish, French, Japanese, Italian and know a few words of Russian, Swahili, German and Spanish. When I travel, I want to be able to say a few basic things in the local language. So last autumn I learned a few words of Czech because we were going to visit Prague and now I'm trying to learn Dutch because I'm going to Amsterdam with a friend of mine.

Why makeup is so important to you?

Because it's about the only thing in my appearance that is girly. I like to dress comfortably even if it means doing it in the expense of fashionability or femininity. So I usually wear jeans, a sleeveless top, a cardigan and trainers. I used to wear heels when I was about 13 years old. I was then about 150 centimetres tall (that's about 5ft if I'm correct) and felt horrible short in addition of being skinny. Now after 13 years I'm 176,5 centimetres tall (about 5,8ft) and still quite slim. Also, my boyfriend is noticeably shorter than I am so trainers are an all-around sensible footwear for me. So makeup is my way to feel more feminine.

I first started wearing makeup to feel and look prettier. I was on 5th grade when I more or less started wearing makeup daily. I had always been bullied because of my looks and I hated sticking out like a sore thumb with my pale skin and red hair. So it started with a hint of black mascara and a dab of tinted lipbalm. Soon I was doing my friends' makeup and giving hints and advice. Now makeup is a way of expressing myself. Sometimes I match my makeup according to what I'm wearing and sometimes I reflect my current mood. Sometimes I pick a theme and sometimes I pick a certain product or colour as my starting point.

Cut the crap already and show us your face with makeup on it!

Fine. This look I copied from Doe Deere's excellent makeup tutorials. She calls the look Barbarella and I decided to try it out on New Year's Eve. I left out false eyelashes as I wasn't sure what kind of party I would end up in. Well, we ended up in our usual haunt, Bar Om'pu in Kallio.
First, the list of products I used:
Meow Cosmetics Pampered Puss foundation in Inquisitive Sphynx
Meow Cosmetics Top Cat finishing powder (on top of the foundation)
Meow Cosmetics Firefly Blush in Illuminate (on cheekbones)
Urban Decay Primer Potion (as a primer on eyelids)Lime Crime Magic Dust in Duchess (inner corners on upper and lower lid)
Lime Crime Magic Dust in Empress (outer corners and crease, lower lid on outer corners)
Lime Crime Magic Dust in Fairy Wings (as a highlighter below brow)
MAC Technakohl liner in Graphblack (upper lid)
Dior Diorshow Waterproof mascara in Black (upper lashes)
Orion Pharma BevitaR lip balm (my lips are so chapped)
MAC lipstick in Plink!
Lime Crime Magic Dust in Cleopatra (patted on lower lip)

Here's a close-up of the eyes. Also, this photo made me realise that my foundation is a bit too dark for me so I'm probably changing it into Inquisitive Himalayan. Other than that, Meow's foundations are first class. I ALWAYS curl my eyelashes. My lashes are long but they are poker straight. That's why I use waterproof mascara after I have curled them with an eyelash curler (MAC's curler is fine).

Okay, I can't pose for the camera. The camera in fact hates me. Also, I'm a bit drunk. It's hard to take a decent picture in December in Finland because there is no light. And this is taken at 11PM on our dim flat. Okay, enough excuses.

Argh, I need to get my eyebrows in shape. I have now an appointment on Thursday. But I think this look works. Check out for wonderful makeup tutorials.
This was my first post. A rather lengthy one. How did I do?
Saila, the Adventurous Purple Koala