Saturday, 20 March 2010

The Not So Pretty Face...

I was going to show you a FOTD with a list of products that I used like always but today turned out to be something quite different.

I was doing a dark blue smoky eye with Sugarpill eyeshadow in Magpie which is a gorgeous blackened, metallic navy blue. Yesteday I also got my Detrivore sample haul which included their primer. So I put that primer to the test. Unfortunately, it didn't pass it.

I completed the look, so here's the full face photo:

I have MAC's Blooming Lovely lippie on my lips (from the Give Me the Liberty of London collection), I love the shade although it's a bit too cool for this look. The eyes look nice and smoky, no?

Let's see a close-up:

It's all patchy. You can see my skin, the eyeshadow is all clumped and creased.. and this was 10 minutes after I had completed the look. I've actually used quite a bit of eyeshadow here, at least four layers of Magpie and underneath it two layers of Sassy Minerals Jinx shadow but it just didn't apply evenly. I used a lot of product trying to make the colour opaque but it just didn't work. In addition, the eyeshadow kept falling off on my cheeks when I was applying my foundation. The colour just didn't stick to the primer.

It doesn't look as bad when I have my eyes open. But I couldn't go out looking like this.

I've contected Detrivore prior to writing this and I'm waiting for their reply. My primer is brick hard and it was impossible to pick it up on a brush and even though I warmed it up with my fingers, it was almost impossible to get any of the primer from the jar. I just might've gotten unlucky and the primer I have is somehow off.

I know the problem is not in the piggies I used because I've swatched them on TSFI and Pixie Epoxy.

This post is in no way an attempt to slag off Detrivore. I just wanted to show you what happens when your primer doesn't work. I hope I get an answer from their customer service and that this thing is sorted out. It may well be that my skin just doesn't like the primer.

I'm not writing a review on Detrivore before I've received an answer and before I've swatched their piggies. I want to believe that this was just an isolated case of faulty product.

Have you tried out Detrivore's primer? Did you like it? What do you think of Blooming Lovely? Any Liberty of London products on your wishlist?