Thursday, 25 March 2010

FOTD: The Grin of a Certain Cat

Yeah, I know I promised. But the thing is that I really want to see the movie and I can't because of the current situation. I have to wait at least two weeks still. Plus I really love the idea of Stephen Fry voicing Cheshire Cat.

I also have downloaded a theme to my trusty Firefox which is Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland. And on the right upper corner of my browser screen is the grinning face of th Cheshire Cat. So I couldn't help myself, really. I took silver and turquoise as the colours (the cat is silver-grey tabby with turquoise eyes) and went a bit mad.

The Grin of a Certain Cat


Purely Cosmetics Skin Smoothing foundation in custom blend
Meow Cosmetics Crystalline Cat glow powder in Quartz (cheekbones and bridge of the nose)
Aromaleigh Rocks! Sonic blush in Wildflower


Too Faced Shadow Insurance (as a primer)
Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy (on top of TFSI)
Fyrinnae eyeshadow in Mischief Makers (all over upper lid)
Fyrinnae eyeshadow in Bali Mynah (outer corner and crease)
Fyrinnae eyeshadow in Mirrors (to darken the crease)
Fyrinnae eyeshadow in Rebellion (as a liner)
Fyrinnae eyeshadow in Underworld (as a highlighter below brow)
Lumene Blueberry Curl waterproof mascara in Rich Black


Aromaleigh Rocks! Sonic lip tint in blankgeneration (very lightly just to darken the lips)
Fyrinnae lip lustre in Fanservice

I tried to line my eyes so they'd look more like cat eyes. I'm no good with liners so it didn't work out as well as I had hoped. Most of my readers know my aversion with blueish colours but I felt kinda great doing this look. Mirrors shade is a sort of worn silver so when I blended bali Mynah into it, the result was sort of dirty, but in a good way. Mirrors also has a multicoloured sparkle to it. It's a very interesting colour. Mischief Makers is sort of a milky silver which I like.

It was so hard to get a decent pic with my eyes closed. My blending skills are not good. Also, my eyes are very small and deep set which makes me look like the distance between my crease and brow is over a metre. True story.

Fanservice is such a lovely lip colour! It's a milky lavender and very creamy. I used blankgeneration as a sort of a base for it because I wanted to darken the colour a bit. But I do love it on its own.

The blush I used, Wildflower, looks dark purple in the jar. And actually it looks very scary. When I told my boyfriend that it was a blush, not an eyeshadow, he just stared at me. I think he thought I was kidding. The colour however rubs into a lighter magenta shade if you use it lightly.

My hair is so overgrown. I had to backcomb my fringe and use talcum powder to get it off my eyes. I have an appointment with the hairdresser next week so I'll get it sorted out soon.

How do you like the look? Have you tried Fanservice? And have you seen the movie yet?