Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Mini Review and Swatches: Sugarpill

So this is the second post of the day, as promised.

Everybody's been buzzing about Sugarpill and I have to say that after seeing the product, I can't say I wonder why. The colours are gorgeous. Seriously.

I placed my order on February 15th. I ordered two of the Chromalust pigments: Goldilux (flashy gold) and Magpie (blackened blue). Yes, before you say anything I really did order a blue eyeshadow. I was going to order Hysteric, the purple shade, but I wanted to take a risk and went for Magpie. I intend to use it for a smoky eye at some point. The Chromalust piggies cost $12 a piece which is more I normally pay for my pigments. The shipping was reasonable, $8. Sugarpill also has pressed shadows which seem to be matte.

My package arrived about two weeks later. What shocked me was the size of the parcel. I'm sure most of you have seen by now the lovely cardboard box the products come in, completed with a cutesy kitten image. But this is where I was disappointed. If I order just two eyeshadows, I think there's no need to use a parcel that's over 10 times bigger than the product packages. It was cute with pink paper around the goodies but I felt it was too much. Okay, ordering stuff overseas is not ecological but I still think that using that much packaging material is a huge waste. Sorry, this is just my opinion on the matter. Also, the packaging may attract the customs officers. I prefer my small orders in padded envelopes.

The product jars do not have a sifter or any kind of seal between the lid and the actual products so there was some minor spillage. This, as the packaging thing, are completely fixable problems so I won't go to that.

But the products? I feel like I have enough words in my English vocabulary. So I'm using the expression "fricking amazing". I did my swatches over TFSI and Pixie Epoxy and I only sweeped some colour that had been stuck on the lid of the jar. The pigment glides on evenly and you get great coverage with just a tiny amount of it. The colours are beautiful and shiny. You see the metallic finish without having to squint or slab on tons of the pigment.

(L to R) Goldilux, Magpie

I'm very happy with what I got and I'm 100% sure I will get more Sugarpill in the future.

What about you readers, have you tried Sugarpill? Are you more interested in the pressed shadows or the piggies? Any colours that interest you?