Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Dorothy May Have Had Her Pumps But I Have These

Hi everybody!

Today I have two small posts for you, this is the first one (obviously).

I love Converse trainers. They are comfortable and perfect for my huge but slim feet. There are always tons of colours around as well as a couple of style options (I personally love lo shoes).


Converses can be terribly expensive in Finland. I've seen prices varying from 60 euros to almost 80 euros which is a bit too much for me, especially if I want to buy something I won't be wearing on an everyday basis. This also explains why I have only three pairs (grey, purple, magenta), all of which I'm wearing to shreds (especially the purple ones).

So, here I was, immobile and bored and I wandered to a site called And they had these lovely sparkly, silvery ones on sale. 30 euros! About 40 euros with shipping! I was still winning with that kind of deal. WANT!

So I ordered them. The tricky bit was that they were shipped via UPS which I personally hate. I want to go to my post office to pick up my parcels and not wait for a delivery guy who cannot say which time he'll be able to come. I didn't know they shipped via UPS. Had I known, I probably wouldn't have ordered them. Who am I kidding? I would totally had ordered them anyway.

Yesterday they arrived delivered by an impatient and rather rude delivery guy. I was afraid that his sullen attitude had tarnished my precious shoes somehow. It hadn't. They are lovely.

My sparkly shoes!

They are sequined, they are lovely and I'm going to wear them the first day I get to walk without crutches!

What do you think? Have you already ordered new shoes for the spring?