Tuesday, 9 March 2010

The F Word: Fyrinnae swatches

When you receive your order from Fyrinnae, you'll probably say the 'f word' a couple of times. Examples: "F*ck, I need more money!", "This is effing gorgeous!" or "How the f*ck am I going to explain this to my boyfriend?".

These are all natural reactions to Fyrinnae products. I'm a huge fan of Fyrinnae and I won't and can't hide it. Their stuff is just amazing. And the guys are lovely, too. I've always received great customer service from them, and when I was sick last week, I got messages from Twitter asking after my health.

So, I'm swatching my latest haul. I ordered a couple of eyeshadow samples, a blush and two lip lustres. One sample was missing but when I asked after it, I was told they'd send it to me. This is Customer Service. With my order I received two samples of the upcoming new Arcane Magic shadows. I got Sequined Master because one of the shadows I ordered was discontinued and then the gues sent me Glitterboi as a free sample. I've heard some people complain about AM sample sizes. AMs are trickier and more costly to make which is why the samples are smaller. This is clearly stated on the website.

Right, on to the swatches! Eyeshadows are swatches on TSFI+Pixie Epoxy, blush and lippies are swatched on bare skin.

(L to R) Pure Sugar, French Vanilla Shake, Beholder, Banana Mochi

Pure Sugar: Shimmery, pearlescent white with sparkle
French Vanilla Shake: Slightly shimmery ivory with a hint of subtle gold sparkle
Beholder: Sparkling, somewhat silvery deep taupe
Banana Mochi: Softly shimmery, almost frosted light golden yellow

I usually don't like shimmery, pure white eyeshadows but Pure Sugar makes me happy. I love the pearly finish. French Vanilla doesn't look ivory on me, it's more like golden vanilla with white (you can see a bit of the white sparks in the photo). I still love it and I already know that it'll be featured on my lids on work days. Beholder is just an amazing taupe. It sparks silver and I think I can see red flashes also. Very sparkly. Banana Mochi should be on your makeup purse for spring. The golden shimmer looks fabulous and makes it more wearable even for paler girls.

(from L to R) Dragon's Wing, Cupcake Sprinkles, Android Angel

Dragon's Wing: Gorgeous shimmery green with pale aqua highlight
Cupcake Sprinkles: Satiny lavender with subtle aqua shimmer
Android Angel: Sparkly, shimmery deep lilac shade with purple and silver sparkle

Dragon's Wing is another lovely shade for spring. It's soft and grassy. It's a lot lighter than Dragon Skin which seems to have been discontinued but the aqua highlight makes it interesting. Cupcake Sprinkles goes to my favourite purples selection. I love the aqua shimmer (reminds me of swatches I've seen of the much hyped Scrangie nailpolish). Why haven't I had this one earlier? Would someone please explain? Android Angel is another purple beauty. Very edgy and strong, this one would work as a liner as well.

(from L to R) Sequined Master, Glitterboi (Arcane Magics)

Arcane Magics are eyeshadows that change colour with lighting. Usually artificial light works best. What I noticed with these new AMs (Anastasia noticed it, too) is that the colour change is more visible and more dramatic than before.

Sequined Master looks purple in the first pic (taken in direct sunlight). Very sparkly, a hint of pink in the mix. Glitterboi looks dark navy with greenish sparkle, a bit like beetlewing.

I took this picture inside and held my hand close to a lamp. Sequined Master turned more pink, almost magenta whereas Glitterboi transformed into a dark purple! Effing amazing! I know the photo isn't the best but you can see the change. I'm really looking forward to see the other colours as well.

(L to R) Charm blush, Very Berry Happy lip lustre, Lace Gloves lip lustre

Charm: Bright feminine pink with slight lavender hue and a touch of shimmer

Very Berry Happy:  Semi-sheer "milky" pink shimmer
Lace Gloves: Sheer with pink and red highlights

Charm blush is perfect for that doll look. The shimmer isn't overpowering and the colour can be applied more or less sheerly. I used a bit more for the swatch photo to show up the colour.

Very Berry Happy is lovely. It goes slightly frosty on me but not in a snow bunny way. It looks good on its own but it will bring a nice shimmer if used on top of a lipstick. Lace Gloves looks almost orange on the photo but it's really not. It's a lovely warm red and pink. It warms up my skintone without making me look jaundiced.

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Have you hauled anything from Fyrinnae lately? See anything you like here?