Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Beauty Tag

Vee from Glamour Doll Eyes and Phyrra from Decorative Diva did this already and as I don't have any looks for you at the moment because of some personal setbacks I've been having lately, I decided to do this too!

What's your favourite make up look? Purple smoky eyes with almost nude lips was my staple for a very long time. Nowadays want to experiment with different colours and looks. I still love my purples, though.

Do you have a beauty vice? I think I'm pretty innocent... Except sometimes I curl my lashes AFTER I've applied mascara, shame on me.

What part of your body do you love? My booty, no doubt about it.

Who is your beauty icon? I don't know if I have any beauty icons as such. There are some celebrities I like to oggle, such as Jessica Biel and Karolina Kurkova. But both of them usually go for natural looks and I don't.

What beauty product makes you feel instantly sexy? Eye makeup. Compared to my lips, my eyes are pretty small and unnoticeable.

How do you look after your skin? My skin is very sensitive and somewhat dry. I only wash my face once a day, when I take my makeup off. I also use a moisturizer only once a day (I'm currently using Dr Hauscha's Rose Cream Light), on the mornings. I buy my face stuff mostly from pharmacist and mostly use unscented products. I actually take my eye makeup off with a moisturizer. For my body I use Lush's Dream Cream.

What is your signature scent? Ultimate by Clean. I love fresh scents.

What are your hair care secrets? I usually wash my hair with shampoo. I only use a conditioner once in a while. I use volumizer and sometimes salt spray before I blow dry my hair. I don't use hairspray unless my hair is very greasy because hairsprays dry your hair out. So if your hair is damaged, don't use hairspray that often or you'll just make it worse.

How do you pamper yourself? I do a facial or a body scrub.

What is your beauty pet peeve? There are so many! Like people wearing makeup to the gym. Hello! All that grease and sweat plus makeup = skin crisis. Also people using too much products on the skin. You really don't need to mask yourself, it only makes you look ill. Also lip liners that are too dark, overplucked brows, using concealer as a "nude" lipstick... The list goes ever on and on.

What would your desert island must haves be? Sun screen (like SPF60 because I burn in a matter of minutes), lip balm, moisturizer and a face wash. If it's a desert island, I'm not going to bother with makeup.

Finally, do you have a beauty philosophy? You look better wearing makeup when you can leave your house without wearing it. It's all about self-confidence.

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Geeky but Glam!

Vanessa from Glamour Doll Eyes wanted to add some new collections now that she has re-vamped her labelling and webstore pics and asked some help from her blog readers to come up with new collections that have 3-6 shades from her line. She also asked to suggest a name for the collection.

Glam Girl, Pinky Swear, Fabulous! and Sterling Glitz are my favourite shades (so far) from her line and I made a look with these and I posted it here as a sort of birthday present for her. So I suggested that she'd make a collection out of these four funky colours.

And guess what?

Geeky but Glam collection is now out! I'm so very happy! If you order this collection (full size), you'll save $10.

Here's a direct link to the collection: http://glamourdolleyes.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=22_23&products_id=259

Be sure to check out the other collections as well! Phyrra from Decorative Diva also has her collection called 'Phyrra's Picks' which features her favourite shades.

Monday, 8 June 2009

Giveaway contest: Once upon a time...

I received my other The She Space Storypeople grab bag. And I got another batch of Vampires Tap Dancing, Take a YOU Day and Necessary Laughter.

So what am I going to do?

I'm going to give you a chance to win these three eyeshadows by announcing a giveaway contest.

Answer these questions three and you may be a lucky winner!

1. What is your all time favourite fairytale/story?
2. What is your favourite fairytale/story character?
3. What kind of makeup would that character wear and why? (after all, this is a makeup blog)

If you want to double your chance to win, e-mail me a photo of you and a look for your favourite character!

Some general rules

1. You have to be a subscriber to my blog to enter.
2. I will pay the shipping but you are responsible for any other fees (such as custom fees) that might apply in your country.
3. This contest starts NOW and ends June 30th at midnight (GMT+2).
4. The winner will be drawn at random. My boyfriend will act as Lady.. erm.. Lord Luck.
5. I won't be publishing your photos without permission.
6. To ensure that all entries participate on the price draw, I will send you a confirmation e-mail when I have received your entry. If you do not receive a confirmation, e-mail me again.
7. The lucky winner will be announced on my blog (and I will e-mail the winner personally before that) by July 13th.
8. If you're sending me a picture of yourself wearing makeup, be sure to include a sign with your name on it in the photo (like holding a piece of paper with your name on it). This is to ensure that you haven't sent someone else's photo.

My e-mail address is adventurous (dot) purplekoala (at) gmail (dot) com

Good luck!

Fyrinnae Endangered Collection 2009 out now!

Fyrinnae has released their Endangered 2009 Collection! The shades are mostly delicate sheers but my, do they look gorgeous!

Jaguar: This shade is the sparkly power-packed equivalent of Japan. A deep, dark shimmery teal filled with green and turquoise sparkle.

Cheetah: A soft, glowing pale peach, this shade has a slight golden shimmer.

Tasmanian Devil: This rose shade has a soft blue highlight, making it look lavender in some light. It's somewhat of an earthy tone, retaining a slightly ruddy base hue. The finish is somewhere between shimmer and satin, depending on application.

Blue-Footed Booby: This is a pale, soft neutral sage green with a slight satiny finish. Semi-transparent when applied dry, but shows up well on pale or dark skin or over a base.

Iberian Lynx: Similar in hue to Little Red's Pet Wolf, this is a glimmering tawny brown with various shades of gold and bronze sparkle.

Orangutan: This shade is a nearly-matte muted peach, leaning neutral-cool rather than warm, but should suit many skintones. Slight satiny finish, and semi-transparent unless used over an opaque base, making it an ideal highlight or all-over wash colour.

Koala: A medium rosy taupe, this shade has a satin finish, but gives off a little more shine when applied wet.

Koala! Cheetah! My favourite animals! I just love the shade names and the shades themselves look wonderful too!

I already made an order for these beauties. I ordered a sample of Jaguar, a full sized Cheetah, a full sized Tasmanian Devil, a full sized Blue-Footed Booby, a sample of Iberian Lynx, a full sized Orangutan and (surprise surprise) a full sized Koala.

Remember that part of the sales for this collection go to World Wild Life Fund to protect endangered species all over the world. And while you're ordering these shades, go and read something about these species.

Are you going to buy stuff from Fyrinnae's Endangered 2009 Collection? Which shades tempt you the most? Are there any of your favourite animals listed?

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Fyrinnae samples haul

So I got some sample stuff from Fyrinnae a couple of days ago. I'm in a bit of a hurry and don't have time to post any looks (not today, at least, we're attending Simo's cousin's party) but I wanted to share these beauties with you.

1st row (from left to right): Mischief Makers, Fancy Lad, Sennyo, Bali Mynah

2nd row: The Flying Scotsman, Red Panda, Leif, Randy Ferret

3rd row: Okapi, Monarch Butterfly

I got Mischief Makers as a free sample and the colour is simply stunning! Like my friend Decorative Diva has described it, it looks like silver silk ribbon. When I looked at it on the website and in the jar, I went 'meh' but then I tried it on and I was amazed by it.

My other faves from this haul were Fancy Lad (warm pink with green shimmer), Bali Mynah (vibrant turquoise), Red Panda (golden orange copper), Randy Ferret (deep smoky forest green with green and teal shimmer and purple sparkles), Okapi (rich mahogany burgundy with accents of gold) and Monarch Butterfly (deep black with hues of glowing reddish copper shimmer). These are the colours I'm tempted to buy full sizes of.

I was surprised by Okapi. Burgundy isn't my favourite shade and I can't remember why I ordered it in the first place but it looks divine. And Red Panda will look perfect with Tamarin which I already have. Yesterday I used Mischief Makers, Fancy Lad and Artic Fox together (sorry, I couldn't take photos!) and they looked so good.

Bali Mynah, Red Panda, Okapi and Monarch Butterfly are a part of Endangered 2008 collection. Part of the sales of that collection go to World Wildlife Fund to protect endangered species. ALL sales from shades Baby Beluga and Orca go to protect these two species. And that's reason enough to get some beauties from this collection.

Fyrinnae will probably make another Endangered collection for this year. It's rumoured to consist of silky neutrals but there's no knowing what they will come up with! We just have to keep on waiting :)

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Hauls and why I have been away

I haven't been blogging for a couple of weeks, sorry about that. I actually was catsitting three kitties for a week and that's one major reason why I haven't been posting anything.

So to make up for neglecting you, I decided to post my first hauling post ever! I received my The She Space grab bag and more Heavenly Naturals stuff.

So I received Basking in Sunshine ( top row, first one from the left), Necessary Laughter (top row, second one from the left), Vampires Tap Dancing (the red in the middle), Take a YOU Day (bottom row, first one from the left) and Experience Everything (second one from the left).
So I got two of the colours I wished for, yay! And these babies are superpigmented, I'm very VERY pleased. I'm glad that I took a chance on the grab bags and I actually ordered another Storypeople grab bag that has 10 shadows.
Basking in Sunshine is very vibrant orange (not peach, not copper).
Necessary Laughter is a lovely yellow with copper tones. Lovelovelove!
Vampires Tap Dancing is a pinkish red. This shade is so yummy, I can't wait to do a look with it!
Take a YOU Day is a regal purple.
Experience Everything is a gorgeous steely dark blue, a bit like stormy sky.

From Heavenly Naturals I got With You and Bambi. René had also sent me one of her lipglosses to sample! I got this lovely red called Candy Apple. It smells and tastes like peppermint and it tingles on my lips. I love it. I was expecting to get a couple of her regular eyeshadow sample baggies but this was a nice surprise! You don't have to guess that I'm smiling like a lunatic. I'm such a sucker for lipglosses.
With You is a minty green with a curious sparkle (I think it's golden but I have to look into it). I think this one is going to be my summer love.
Bambi is a lovely golden neutral, perfect for laid back summery look.

So I got the stitches out and this is what my wrist looks like now. Yeah, I've lost a bit of skin and flesh from the lower part.. It was just a matter of millimetres that I didn't cut my artery. But as you can see, it's healing quite nicely.

I'm trying to find some time to post a look soon!