Tuesday, 23 March 2010

More Silk Naturals Swatches, Just For You!

So I got another haul from Silk Naturals. I was so pleased with my first order that it didn't take long to make a second one. This time I chose more colourful stuff to test if Silk Naturals were able to ace them as they do their more neutral colours. The answer is yes. I'm very pleased with the pigmentation of the colours as well as the complexity of the shades. Again, the shadows are quite shiny which I like but I want to point that out for those who don't love the shine. But don't fret, Silk Naturals also makes colours that are less shimmery and shiny. I'm just a magpie who's constantly distracted by shiny goodies.

Now, on to the swatches!

Like before, I used TFSI + Pixie Epoxy as a base (except for lip products, those I swatched on bare skin).

(L to R) Wink Wink, Pop, Blarney, Sizzle

Wink Wink: Light neutral silver shimmer
Pop: Purple, gold and pink shimmer
Blarney (GWP): (my description) Shimmery mossy green
Sizzle: Fab blue & gold glitter eyeshadow

I purchased Wink Wink because of my undying obsession with Monty Python. I love the colour, the silver is very visible and it makes the whole colour glisten beautifully. Pop is a very difficult colour to photograph because the colour seemed to morph everytime I tilted my hand a bit differently. It's a bit lighter than I had expected but there's no doubt that I'll be wearing it this spring and the whole year round. Blarney was a pleasant surprise. It was a GWP (Gift With Purchase) colour. To me, it looks golden mossy green. Lovely. Sizzle was perhaps the greatest surprise of all. It's not glittery but a very shiny golden green-blue which I can't wait to wear. I think it would look good with Pop.

(L to R) Gator Gold, Nudge Nudge, Plush

Gator Gold: Deep green shimmer
Nudge Nudge: Deep shimmering taupe
Plush: Purple and copper shimmer

Gator Gold is such a dramatic colour! It's like deep green but with antique gold tone to it. I think I've never seen a colour quite like this before. Great for vampy looks. Nudge Nudge is to be paired with Wink Wink (and I also bought it for the same reason as I bought Wink Wink). It's a plummy taupe, as you can see. I love this one as well, it's not a boring, muddy taupe at all. Plush was a free eyeshadow I got to pick because my order was over $30. It's a dark purple with coppery flashes. The copper isn't as noticeable as the copper/gold in Aromaleigh's Jewel (from L'Orchidée collection) but it's still a pretty colour.

Now on to the lippies. The swatches are a bit smudgy. I didn't mean them to be but actually it's a good thing because most Silk Naturals lippies seem to layerable so that if you apply less, you get a more natural colour. If you apply more, you get a more dramatic colour.

(L to R) Sweetheart, Hot Blooded, Vintage

For some reason I went for very red lippies. I like red lippies but the problem sometimes is that they can make my skin look either lifeless (ashy pale) or jaundiced. All of these look good on me which makes me very happy.

Sweetheart: Reddish mauve gloss
Hot Blooded: Shimmery muted, wearable red
Vintage: Deep wine shimmer (liquid gloss)

I can't see the mauve in Sweetheart, it makes my lips look natural red (like I had been exercising, went to sauna or that third thing). Which is all good, I have to say. The swatch photo on Silk Naturals website isn't quite accurate, though. Hot Blooded is a more dramatic red but it applies smoothly and evenly. I love this colour. I'm wearing it even now even though I have no intention to go outside or do a full face makeup. Vintage has a different formula than the other lippies I've ordered as it's the sort of typical gloss, a bit gloopy and liquid-y (is that even a word?). For that reason it's more opaque on one stroke than the others and not as easy to apply lightly. I love it though, it's very vampy.

Again, I was very pleased with the products and I can say confidently that I'd recommend Silk Naturals.

See anything you like?