Wednesday, 3 March 2010

My Skincare Routine

I'm treating you with a third post today. Actually, I snatched this idea from Phyrra who shared her routine and since I know have a routine of sorts, I wanted to do the same.

My skin is very sensitive and dry. I used to think my skin was greasy because it always seemed so oily but when I washed my skin, it felt tight and looked flakey. Sensitivity is another great problem. I've gotten skin infections from scented moisturizers and liquid foundation (after the first use, mind you. It wasn't old stuff). I've basically tried everything, even apothecary lines but there was always some ingredient that made my skin even worse.

I decided to turn to Garden of Wisdom, a skincare line that uses a lot of natural stuff. I was overwhelmed with their products so I e-mailed Jen who I know from Meow Cosmetics forum and who does some formulating for GoW. She gave me some pointers and I ordered samples. So this is how I have found my new skincare regimen. It sounds like I'm using an awful amount of products but every product has a purpose and the actual amounts are small.

The products are all from GoW.

-wipe face with GoW Clarifying Coco-Fen Tonic
-apply either Concord Grape HA serum or Matcha Green Tea serum
-apply Cellular Eye Complex serum on the under eye area
-spritz Frankincense hydrosol all over face
-apply Hemp Seed oil all over face
-mist with Frankincense hydrosol
-apply waxless Fruity Meow Meow lotion

-cleanse face with Creamy Cleanser (non-sudsing)
-otherwise same routine as AM

I also use an acid exfoliation twice a week and mask when needed (I use dead sea clay mixed with either water or yoghurt).

My skin has gradually gotten better. I no longer have volcano-sized blemishes and my skin doesn't feel tight or oily.

What's your routine?