Saturday, 31 January 2009

Sorely disappointed with FaceFront

You know how I've been raving about FaceFront's products? Well, I won't be extending those raves to their customer service. In fact, I have decided not to post any swatches or looks displaying FaceFront's products.


Well, my order went missing. I e-mailed them about it about two weeks ago. I got a reply some days later stating that "they were worried that my order was missing" and I was asked to confirm which order was missing (although I had already provided them with the transaction ID). I didn't get a reply and I e-mailed them again. I sent them another message. No response. Yesterday they finally managed to reply to me and asked me if I wanted my order re-sent. I almost sent them a reply saying "No, I'm just e-mailing you because I have no friends". I mean, if you complain about a missing order, doesn't it mean you want it? I e-mailed them saying "yes, I want my order re-sent". Today I got a reply saying that the Buenos Aires blush I ordered is sold out. Great.

Had they answered me earlier, I would have gotten what I ordered. Now, they seem to be quite content to offer another product but no apologies. I'm bloody furious.

So no FaceFront for you from me. I will not promote a company that thinks ignoring their customers is the way to run a business.


Saila, the Adventurous Purple Koala


Phyrra said...

I had the same problem with them over my 2nd order, too.
I ordered on Jan. 27.
I emailed them about my order on Jan. 23, got no response.
I emailed them about my order on Jan. 26, got no response.
I emailed Drew on Jan. 26, got no response.
I emailed them again on Jan. 28, got no response.
I called their customer service and left a message on the voice mail on Jan. 26. No one called me back.
I called their customer service on Jan. 30 and no one answered the phone.

I opened a dispute in PayPal over my payment and that received an immediate phone call from Drew, the owner of the company. He said their office was flooded out and a bunch of orders didn't go out. They apparently didn't have access to their email or voice mais. I find this all very hard to believe. He went on about how they're a small company. Well, I work for a small family run company but I'm the head of customer service. We're set up so that we can work from any location and not have this issue. I found Drew's excuses to be weak. I only closed the dispute after he'd apologized profusely and said that my order had been sent out. So we'll see if I actually get it.

It really disappoints me when I only get a phone call from a merchant AFTER I open a PayPal dispute. I don't feel I can recommend FaceFront now, either.

Phyrra said...

Err I ordered on Jan. 17, not Jan 27.