Wednesday, 28 January 2009

SwatchOut: Aromaleigh vol. 1

Despite today's initial shock and promise that I wouldn't post anything today, I got my sample order from Aromaleigh (highly praised by dear Decorative Diva/Phyrra) so I did swatches.

First of all, Aromaleigh's CS in first class. If you are making an international order, they send you a message where they ask that you have read the terms and guidelines for international order and undersood them, and that you reply to their message by either confirming or cancelling your order. If they don't hear from you, they won't process your order. Also, you get free samples.

Here are the swatches:

Above (from left to right) swatches from Bête Noire collection: Viviane, Mireille, Lisette

Below (from left to right) swatches from Gothic Lolita collection: Purple Princess, Morbid Curiosity

Viviane is a copper with pink sparkles althoug the website says it's an "intense smokey bronzed violet with bright purple sparkles". I think I'll try this one with FaceFront's Death by Rubies (swatches coming soon..), this is a bit lighter than that one.

Mireille is a dark purple with pink and copper sparkles (the website agrees with me with this one, or is it the other way around *lol*). I like Mireille, it's my favourite of these Bête Noir samples.

Lisette to me is shimmery cranberry pink. Again, the website and I don't see eye to eye because according to it Lisette is "a romantic orchid violet with gold shimmer". I like the metal-like finish of this one.

Now, for the Gothic Lolita collection.

I can only describe Purple Princess by Aromaleigh's own words: deep, satiny purple with rich rose tones and a russet shadow. I like moody purples and this definitely is one. It's no accident that this shade has ended up in the Gothic Lolita collection..

Morbid Curiosity is a very complex colour (I picked it because of its name). Aromaleigh website describes it as "smoked berries and plums with a multidimensional silvery green midtone. Curious". Curious indeed. I find it more like smoked, taupe-ish lilac and there's definitely green and silver sparks. I can't wait to create a look with this one.

Moving on...

Above (from left to right) swatches from Satin Petals Frost collection: Basil, Ivy, Lilypad

Below (from left to right) swatches from Pure Eyes Frost collection: Jade, Orchid

All of these are very soft, delicate colours. That doesn't mean they are not highly pigmented, they are. They are just completely different from the dark Bête Noir and Gothic Lolita collections.

Basil is a lovely green, a bit silvery and greyish. I love this colour although I can't remember why I ordered it. I'm just glad I did.

I'm a bit dissappointed with Ivy. It's a bit like Basil gone to the dark side but a more forest green. I may end up liking it but this is my first impression.

Lilypad is another favourite. It's a silvery green but with turquoise sheen. I think I'll try to pair it up with something purple...

Jade is not a jade shade, let me make that clear. This Jade is minty turquoise. The "real" jade colour should be light golden green. I don't like Aromaleigh's Jade. Sorry.

Orchid is pink with purple sheen. Love love love. I think it'll pair up nicely with Lilypad, for axample.

From left to right swatches from Rocks! Sonic Eyes collection: Atomic, Moonagedaydream, Spellbound

These shades look wicked in their sample bags!

Atomic is lemony yellow as the website indicates (it's also blacklight reactive). However, on skin it's not that vibrant as I expected, as can be seen from the photo. A bit 'meh' really.

Moonagedaydream is dark teal with shimmer. The website says it's gold shimmer but I can't put my finger on it. I guess it's golden but I feel like there's something else. Unlike Atomic, this one is as vibrant as it looks in the bag.

Spellbound is an amethyst purple (score for the website) and blacklight reactive. What can I say, it's awesome. I want to go clubbing so I can wear it!!!

In all, I found Aromaleigh's products of very high quality. The minerals glide on perfectly and despite a few duds, I love the products. Okay, I don't agree with some of the shade descriptions.


Phyrra said...

Love the swatches :>

Ilse said...

I love Lillypad and Moonagedaydream. Greens with turqoise sheen have always been my absolute favourites. Well, anything with turqoise really does it for me ;) And I have just the right top to go with Moonagedaydream. And shoes. And bags.. :)

Should I order or not. That is the question. :D