Monday, 12 January 2009

Coming up, hopefully sooner than later

I didn't get my Facefront haul yet but I did get one eyeshadow from that brand from Ilse as I had made my order before they released their winter collection. The eyeshadow I got was Ice Melt which looks like a peach colour but when you apply it, OH MY, it has an undescribable colour. It's sort of peachy but there's blueish sheen and some pink and the whole colour changes according the light. It's AWESOME. I'm wearing it today with Meow's Port (from their Winter Spirits collection) and MAC's black Technakohl. I decided not to wear lippie as I want to flaunt my eyes!

So, as I couldn't take pics because of the lack of light but I decided to write on choosing a colour on the webstores. Most webstores have pictures of their makeup colours, usually the picture is taken of a clump of makeup. Some have a verbal description as wll and some combine these two ways of depicting colour. Of course, there are differences in the quality of the pictures and how one's monitor displays them. So, I decided to review some of the places I've bought my makeup from by looking at their way of describing and depicting makeup colours.

Meow Cosmetics has both a picture of the product and an explanation of the colour. The picture of the colour is taken from a clump of the colour. I don't know if it's because of photography but some colours look exactly like they look in irl but some colours can be way off. For example, Abra-Cat-Abra! feliner looks almost bright fuchsia in the pic, the text says it's "Bright, true grape purple with gold and silver sparkle!" but what I got was light lavender liner. This is very rare with Meow as usually if I'm torn between taking or leaving a colour, I make my final decision on their verbal description. And Abra-Cat-Abra! is the first colour that has been off in both descriptions. And I have a lot of stuff from Meow. But I still recommend getting samples before buying full sizes since especially some of the more complex colours are a bit tricky. You can also do a search for Meow swatches on a search engine and my friend Decorative Diva does Meow swatches too (a link to her blog on the right side of my blog).

Lime Crime has a pic of the clump of colour, a pic of the colour on eyelid AND a verbal description of the colour. This is great since you can actually see what the colour looks like on you eyes (or someone's eyes, teehee) and you can read about the possible undertones. And the colours look exactly like in pictures! You can also try a search engine for finding swatches, though it's not necessary since the photographs and descriptions are very accurate.

Facefront is the most ambiguous about their colour description. The pics are very small and they are not taken of the actual products (at least it seems that way, correct me if I'm wrong). There's no verbal description of the colours and they don't offer samples. So basically you're ordering products by your gut instinct and hoping to get something you'll love. There are some swatches on xsparkage's blog (click Product Reviews on the upper corner of her blog and look for Facefront swatches) and again a search engine will solve some of this problem. But most of the swatches I found were taken of the same colours. I have only one Facefront's eyeshadow, Ice Melt, and the pic doesn't tell you anything about the colour. As I mentioned, I'm getting some goodies from Facefront soon, so I'll be posting some swatches.

I'll probably do another post like this when I order from a new company and get the products. These opinions present my own subjective view and my experiences on these companies.

Until then,

Saila, the Adventurous Purple Koala


Phyrra said...

Yay! Loved your article. One of the reasons I started blogging about mineral makeup was that I could never find information about it, or swatches, etc. So I swatched everything I ordered and did looks with it because it really does make a difference to see a color on a person, vs what is on the website.

That color you described. Ice Melt, I soooo want to try it! It sounds beautiful.

I think I had a sample of abra-cat-dabra that I received as a freebie, and it looked very lavender to me as well, a light lavender color. i could see it as being like a light watercolor of grape juice, and I wondered if that is where they got the description. (if that makes sense)

Saila, the Adventurous Purple Koala said...

I agree, choosing colours solely by the image on the site is like choosing a lottery ticket.. Althoug, I tend to do it against my better judgement! :D

Ice Melt is very complex colour and I have to post a swatch on it by weekend because the pic on Facefront website doesn't match with the actual colour. I love Facefront so far but the lack of any colour description is purely frustrating. That's why I posted the discount code!

Yeah, Abra-Cat-Abra is not a strong or bold grape, it's light lavender. It's a cute colour but both the pic and the description are so misleading. And I don't think it's because of a monitor showing the colour wrong, I think someone's messed up with photography. I thought I might have got a faulty product but if you had the same sort of colour (as it seems you did) then there's a problem somewhere. Maybe diluted grape juice? :P

Phyrra said...

Yes exactly! Watered down grape juice!