Saturday, 17 January 2009

SwatchOut: Facefront vol. 1

Okay, I got some of the products I ordered from Facefront Cosmetics. I'm still waiting for two (my first order was splitted in two). I grew tired of waiting so I'm doing some swatches now and rest of them later.

From left to right: Ice Melt, Blushing, Weekend Warrior

I used UDPP on the back of my hand to really show off the shades.

Ice Melt is looks peachy in the container but it has this blue sheen that changes according to light. Actually, when I used it on my eyes for the first time, sometimes it looked like I wasn't wearing any eyeshadow at all and then I tilted my head or the light came from a different angle, BOOM. Blue shine. It has some pink in it, too.

Blushing is a very delicate colour, perfect for sparkly nude makeup. Works as a highlighter, too. It's sort of peachy pink with gold sparkle.

Weekend Warrior is Purple with a capital p. It's almost the same colour as Empress but this has a slight cool grape vibe going on. For such a strong colour it's very buildable and wearable. What can I say, it's perfect. This is what purple is about.

I like Facefront's colours. I can't say for sure if I love the company since I really hate the website (when you say that eyeshadow finishes vary "from sheer or opaque", it would be nice if it was mentioned that which shades are sheer and which opaque) but the actual products are great. Of course, the lack of proper shade descriptions can mean that you'll learn to hate their products when you don't get what you thought you ordered. But if you're ready for makeup lottery and feeling lucky, I can guarantee that at least the product consistency is great. The colour's are vibrant and they don't fade (at least not with a primer).

Facefront doesn't offer samples so the risk of getting a wrong kind of colour is rather big. However, they do offer 20 day return if you're not happy with the colour.


Saila, the Adventurous Purple Koala


Phyrra said...

I agree that they should:
1. write accurate shade descriptions, which mention sheer or opaque
2. offer samples for purchase (not for free)

After trying Too Faced Shadow Insurance, I love it 100xs more than UDPP! I love a bit more than my paint pots! I do recommend :)

I fell asleep in my makeup last night, it looked as good as when I put it on yesterday morning.
I was surprised and pleased, and then took it off :P

Weekend Warrior definitely looks great, and I can't wait until I have Ice Melt in my hands!

If you like sparkly neutrals, my favorite is Urban Decay Sellout :)

Saila, the Adventurous Purple Koala said...

I think offering samples for purchase is a great way to get new customers and keep them. I mean, look at Meow. People may have some disappointments but because of great CS and samples of every product on sale must have something to do with the fact that they have such a loyal customer base. At least, that's what I think.

Ooh, I have to give TFSI a try then! Maybe next time I make an order from HQHair (we don't have Too Faced products..).

I think sparkly neutral are a great way to make that "it's as if I'm not wearing any makeup"-look without looking boring. My faves are Meow's Cats in the Cradle and Stila's Kitten.

Falling asleep with your makeup on? Sounds like you had quite a night ;)

Btw, I read about your kitty :( I lost my cat that I had for 12 years when I was 20. And the worst part is when you know you can't do anything. Hugs.

Phyrra said...


I just am upset because it's so sad. She's almost 16 years old, and she's rarely been sick in her life. In fact, in her entire life until this past october, she'd been in for 3 things:
1. a urinary tract infection when she turned 6
2. a nasty cold when she was 10
3. an abcess when she was 12 (caused by my other cat and her fighting)

I owned her daughter as well, and her daughter died at age 11 (when Quasar was 13) from renal failure.

I just feel like the vet telling me 'it's in her best interest to have her put to sleep' is terrifying, yet she's not eating and drinking and pooping, so I know things aren't right for her. She's not in pain, she just seems to be in a daze.

I'm wearing Urban Decay Sellout today and I took a few eye shots of it, so I'll post those up soon in case you haven't seen it. To me, it's one of those perfect colors, like stila kitten but I like this better :)

And yes, you have to try TFSI! If you can't get ahold of some, let me know and I can try to send you some.

Ray (husband) and Dave (boyfriend) and I were playing World of Warcraft last night and running several heroic instances. I got tired, then upset over the cat, so Phaedra and I went to lay down 'just for a few minutes' around probably 2 or 3 am. I woke up around 8:45 and went 'ACK!'

I received my FaceFront today and OMG I want more! I am in LOVE with Ice Melt and Little Gremlin. You get a large amount of products for the price. I think I want to pick up Razzle and O! Sailor. I just placed an order for Fierce Contender and Steel my Heart. I was able to use the free shipping code again :)

I love Weekend Warrior but I realized it looks very similar to my MAC Pigment in Violet.

I swatched my FaceFront today on TFSI and I'll post pix in a bit. Their customer service is great by the way. I emailed them last night because I still hadn't received a shipping notification, and either the Owner or someone with access to his email was nice and emailed me back with the info, and I received it today in the mail.