Saturday, 17 January 2009

Going Dame Edna

Yesterday I wandered into MAC's counter at Stockmann's and what was waiting for me? The Dame Edna collection. Of course, most people have already sampled the collection and seen it a thousand times so I decided to approach it differently.

I bought Vericose Violet nail polish and Possum Nose Pink lipglass (no spelling mistake here, MAC's signature gloss is called lipGLASS because it's so shiny) from the collection. The eyshadow trios were nice but nothing out of the ordinary (except for the kooky packaging). MAC website describes Varicose Violet as "frosty mid-tone pinkish purple" and Possum Nose Pink as "sheer bright coral with multidimensional pearl". The packaging of the lipglass is funky!

This is how the Varicose Violet looks on nails. There is a definite pink sheen but I think the colour is not purple, it's mauve. I love the colour. There's a funny story to this nail polish. I don't speak English as my first language and though my vocabulary is quite broad, there are words that I can't even guess what they mean. I studied the shade name and realized that I had no idea what a 'varicose' is. I was thinking a tropical flower because the colour was so gorgeous. So I bought the nail polish, went home and reached for my dictionary. Varicose is not a tropical flower, I get that now. Those of you who speak Finnish, varicose means 'suonikohju'. Lovely.

I took these pictures again on our balcony. The balcony glasses were frozen (yes, it's that cold) so I had to play with it in this pic. I think the ice looks cool (pun intended) with my Varicose Violet.

So I decided to do a Dame Edna inspired look for today. I had less than an hour to dress up, eat breakfast and do my makeup before heading to town to meet my parents for a shopping spree. So, I decided to use purple and my new lipglass.

Koala's Dame Edna Look

Meow Inquisitive Chausie Pampered Puss foundation (first layer)
Meow Inquisitive Sphynx Pampered Puss foundation (second layer)
Lime Crime Marie Antoinette blush
Meow Quartz Crystalline Glow (on cheekbones)
Facefront Weekend Warrior eyeshadow (all over lid)
Coastal Scents Platinum gel liner
Dior Diorshow waterproof mascara
MAC Possum Nose Pink lipglass

The reason why I'm using two different shades of foundations is that I've found that Sphynx is too yellow on me. So I'm waiting for my order on Inquisitive Himalayan which is my actual match. Until I get it I have to use two shades.

As you can see, Weekend Warrior is a very vibrant purple. Oh I hate this picture so let's move on..

Okay, here you can see the silver gel liner from Coastal Scents. I think it pairs perfectly with Weekend Warrior and brightens the eye. I used a flash in this photo to bring out shiny finish of the liner. I really like how little product you need to build a good finish.
Well, I told you I didn't have much time with the waking up early and the shopping. But below is how I looked when I left the house after 20 minutes of beautification:

I did PRETTY good *lol* I love the lipglass though at first I thought it would be too orangey (yes, the name is confusing. It says pink but it looks orangey red in the container and sparkly reddish pink on your skin). I love how it glistens, there are obviously blueish or mauveish sparkles that plump up your lips, so to speak.
Oh, and if you live in Finland and you are thinking about getting Varicose Violet after reading this post, you're late. I bought the last one in Finland and they are not getting any more. Sowwy.
I may post some swatches soon...
Saila, the Adventurous Purple Koala


Phyrra said...

Weekend Warrior is a gorgeous purple, and I really like it paired up with that silver liner.

Possum Nose Pink looks cute on you :)

It's funny you mention Chausie! That was the first foundation I bought by Meow, but it was too pink on me. If I applied it and waited 15 minutes, it would adjust to where it looked ok, but not great. Then I tried Siamese because it was a neutral and it really evened me out. I started trying Sphynx because it seems to work with my natural coloring. The guys prefer Sphynx to Siamese because they feel like Sphynx makes me skin glow. I was so used to trying to cover up and even out my skin that I thought neutral was the only way to go for a long time, but it's gotten to where I now prefer Sphynx too.

And Lol, I forget you don't speak English as your first language because your english is so good! Varicose isn't used that often, and only in reference to varicose veins.

I had thought the Dame Edna collection would be cute but then the new season of Nip/Tuck (tv show) came out and I get totally creeped out by the killer that was on the show. So then every time I'd see something from Dame Edna, I'd be creeped out and thinking of Nip/Tuck.

Saila, the Adventurous Purple Koala said...

Thanks :)

I'm waiting for my Inquisitive Himalayan. I realized that it looks better on me than Sphynx when I saw two different photos of me in the same lighting: in the other I was wearing Sphynx and it has turned a bit orange and in the other one I was wearing Himalayan and my skin looked more natural. Oh well, you never know until you try :)

Yeah, I was a little grossed out by the shade name but then I thought it was a perfect joke. I love the Dame Edna character, she's just too outrageous.

Haven't seen the Nip/Tuck episode but I totally get it. I used to hate red lipstick because I once saw a movie or a TV episode where a young girl was murdered and her red lipstick had been smeared all over her mouth. Ugh.