Sunday, 18 January 2009

Pink Spring look PLUS swatches from Cuberry

Today I was going to visit my parents because mum needed help dyeing her hair. Again, I had to drag myself up way too early and try to look human. What a wonderful way to collect looks for your blog!

So, I stumbled upon Cuberry a while ago when I was reading xsparkage's blog. I liked the swatches and ordered Pink Bikini and Naked Peaches. Pink Bikini is a sweet, vibrant pink and Naked Peaches is like a mix between peach, bronze, pink and gold. Very hard to describe. So I have swatches!

Left to right: Naked Peaches, Pink Bikini

I love these colours. They are very soft but vibrant. Cuberry webstore doesn't have swatches but there is a picture of the product in its container plus a verbal description of the shade. They are pretty accurate, at least these colours are what I meant to order in the first place. Cuberry doesn't offer samples. Sometimes you just have to take the plunge.. But for what it's worth, I would recommend their products.

So I decided to make a look using these colours as my inspiration.

Pink Spring look

Meow Inquisitive Himalayan Pampered Puss foundation

Meow Inquisitive Chausie Concealer (I have a couple of pesky zits on my chin)

Meow A Lick and a Promise lush blush

Cuberry Pink Bikini (all over eyelid)

Cuberry Naked Peaches (on outer vee and crease, almost up to eyebrows)

Coastal Scents 24k gel liner (upper and lower lash line)

Dior Diorshow Waterproof mascara

Makeup Store Zoom lipgloss

Okay, this is how well the colours blend to each other. I love this look, though I say it myself.

I hate it when I find makeup "hints" regarding hair, skin or eye colour. Because according to these hints I shouldn't be attempting to wear pink eye makeup. Because pink doesn't look goos on redheads. [Bleep] it, I think that people should wear colours they feel comfortable in. Okay, I know there are colours that make me look bad and I don't wear them. But in reality, you won't know if something looks good or bad before you try it.

Mmmm, bad picture. But as you can see, pink looks good on my eyes.

And it seems to bring out the golden specks I have around my pupils. But I find the pink and gold colour combination really flattering for my eyes. It's a bit summery look and I know that summer is still far far away (at least in Finland it is), but I'm getting a bit tired of the 'wintery' look.

What colours are you waiting to get your mitts on this spring (when it eventually comes)? And have you ever had to disagree with the traditional makeup hints?
Saila, the Adventurous Purple Koala


Phyrra said...

Oh wow! These colors look great on you! I ignore the suggestions based on hair color, usually. Some things will work and won't work with my eyes, same with yours.

I really really like Naked Peaches.

I hope hair dyeing goes well :)

Phyrra said...

Ok, I went ahead and ordered Naked Peaches. Cuberry had a code to 'savefive' so including shipping I spent just under $10.

Now I need to not order anything for a while. Being all down has made me splurge on makeup!

Saila, the Adventurous Purple Koala said...

Thanks :) I really like this colour combination but I think that I'll try a brighter pink lippie next time, now I went for very nude pink.

Naked Peaches is gorgeous, I think you'll love it :) It works well on it's own but it also blends well with other colours.

Hair dyeing went well, thank you :) Mum's hair is turning grey and she's very self-conscious about it...

Tell me about it! I shop when I'm stressed out and now that I need to write my thesis very soon, I've been ordering all kinds of stuff.. And I need to save for my trip! Maybe I'll start rummaging through everything I have and maybe try new combos with my older stuff. And they're not that old either.. Oops.

Phyrra said...

What are you writing your thesis on?

And yes, 'stash shopping' (i.e. shopping in your current makeup collection) can really help sometimes :)

Saila, the Adventurous Purple Koala said...

My thesis is about translating for children, specifically translating cultural items from Finnish into English. I guess the purpose is to see if there's any cultural exchange or if the cultural elements are either domesticated into Anglo-American culture or obliterated. The fun part is I get to read children's books :D The not-so-fun part is the actual writing..

I'm still waiting for the order my boyfriend made for me ($76 worth of stuff from Meow, yay!) and my Facefront orders. And I think I ordered some samples somewehere.. I'm such a shopaholic when it comes to makeup.. But now it stops. I WILL be strong. And then I can blow my hard saved cash in Amsterdam, I'm sure there are makeup lines that I haven't tried out! :P

Phyrra said...

Sounds like an awesome thesis!
I have a bachelor's degree in Anthropology (even though I work in video game development) and if I ever decide to go get my Masters/PhD I'll probably go into Educational Anthropology because that's what I did my senior level work on at University.

So I LOVE Cultural Anthropology and what your thesis is on :) Cool stuff!

What a sweet boyfriend, to order for you. My men will go shop with me, and offer color advice, but I don't think they'd take the initiative to shop on their own without me.

Saila, the Adventurous Purple Koala said...

I'm afraid I made my thesis sound cooler than it is *lol* I realized too late that I'm not going to be a translator or a teacher. But now I figured that I get my MA done and then maybe study something else. But I'm very interested in the cultural stuff, especially intercultural communication.

Oh, he didn't shop by himself.. I chose what I wanted and he paid for it :P The whole thing started when we were drinking on NYE and he sort of jokingly promised that he would order stuff for me. We were very drunk and I didn't think he was being serious but then the next day he told me to choose what I wanted :)

My boyfriend is not much for colour advice but sometimes when I'm not sure about some two colours (for example) I'll ask him. Sometimes I even do 'test' makeups before a party when I'll do one eye with a different colour than the other and ask him which one looks better.

Phyrra said...

Oh, I don't want to be a teacher either.

Educational Anthropology is understanding the connection between social and cultural contexts in and out of schools. What some Educational Anthropologists do is study and figure out how to bridge the gap between students and their parents and the teachers. I really like cultural anthropology because I enjoy looking at cross cultural comparisons.

Of course, I also like archaeology because of studying ancient cultures. I just find different cultures to be fascinating.