Sunday, 25 January 2009

Peacock Feathers with Beauty from the Earth

Today I decided to try out BFTE for real. I actually tried to make a look with the shade Jewel on Friday but that failed miserably as the colour just sort of stuck on one place and wouldn't budge. I look bruised and had to take it of and go for something else.

Anyhoot, my look's inspiration was the shade called Peacock. When I did the swatches a while ago, I realized that it would go nicely with Mermaid and Shamrock. Also, these three shades were the only ones that went on smoothly when I did the swatches.

Peacock Feathers

Meow Inquisitive Chausie Pampered Puss foundation (1st layer of foundation)
Meow Inquisitive Sphynx Pampered Puss foundation (2nd layer of foundation)
Meow Inquisitive Chausie concealer
UDPP (on upper lids)
Beauty from the Earth Mermaid eyeshadow (on inner corners on the upper lid)
Beauty from the Earth Shamrock eyeshadow (on the middle of the upper lid, on lower lids)
Beauty from the Earth Peacock eyeshadow (outer vee and crease)
Lime Crime Snow Queen magic dust (as a highlighter below brows)
MAC Blacktrack paint pot (as a liner on upper lash line)
Meow Quartz Crystalline Cat Powder (on cheekbones)
Meow A Lick and a Promise Lush Blush (on cheeks)
MAC Pleasing Slimshine Lipstick

As you can see, the shades blend together very well. What is interesting, is that Mermaid is a yellow with green sheen and Shamrock is a green with yellow sheen. So they pair up beautifully. Peacock is actually a more usable colour than I thought. It also has this greenish finish.

As you can see, I still can't pose for the camera but I think I'm getting slightly better... Right?
I love the Slimshine lipstick, it's so smooth. Pleasing is a great colour.

As you can see, I have "oomphed" up my hair colour. I used a toner mousse so the colour stays on about 6 washes. it's not a lot but I don't want to use "real" hair dyes. Also, I think I need to grow my hair longer.
I'm not sure if I'm going to order from BFTE again. I may be getting the colours I used here, not sure yet.
Saila, the Adventurous Purple Koala


Anonymous said...

You look gorgeous!
I really like Peacock, and I like the way the lid colors look on you.
How hard were they to blend?
I think this is a fabulous look. Peacock looks more teal to me than blue.

Your hair looks lovely as well :)

I myself am only coloring a few sections of hair these days, and only doing deposit developer, instead of bleaching up and then depositing color. It's much easier on my hair and easier for upkeep :)

Saila, the Adventurous Purple Koala said...

Thank you :)

These colours were a lot easier to blend than the others. Actually, no problems whatsoever. They tend to fall off a bit easier so I had to do a bit of undereye cleaning afterwards. I may be ordering something from BFTE in the future, probably full sizes of these colours and a couple of samples. I won't be ordering the more glittery colours, as I've said before.

I love these colours and I think they work together perfectly. yes, peacock is not simply blue, I think it's teal too.

I usually don't colour my hair as it's red anyway but sometimes I want it to look more fiery. Toner mousses are great because they give just an extra flash of colour.

Anonymous said...

I love this look, the color combo is so pretty!

Your hair looks great too. I'm thinking of dying my hair red as well. I love red hair cos I think it's different and unique.

Ilse said...

The look is fantastic!

Yellow works very well for you! BTW yesterday I finally got my Face Front goodies! Pow pam wow (or smthng.. the names are all crazy..) is an amazing color. Bright, but still deep blue with glittery yellowish sparks.. Mmmmmm.

Also Bee incredible and Butter me up are really beautiful, and I think they go well both with Pow pam wow (?) and Radio waves.

I read from a Finnish women's magazine (I think it was Kodin kuvalehti, so not the hippest one around, but still..) that purple and green are the colors dominating spring looks this year. Good news for you, right ;)

Saila, the Adventurous Purple Koala said...

Beautifulwithbrains: Thank you :) I love my red hair. I used to hate it because "all the pretty girls" were either blondes or brunettes. But red hair turns heads and can look quite stunning. So I'm supporting your choice of hair colour!

Ilse: I got my another Facefront haul today (still no sign of Buenos Aires, Mad Money and Butter Me Up *sigh*) PLUS the Meow haul Simo ordered for me so I'm ecstatic! There may be some swatches next weekend *wink wink*

Purple and green are ALWAYS great colours :D