Monday, 22 February 2010

NOTD: Lost My Marbles

No swatchiness today, I'm afraid. It's too cloudy to take decent photos and I don't want you to stare at muddled colours, going "Is she seriously saying those are gorgeous greens?". No, I won't do that.

So yesterday I was browsing nail polish blogs. I saw that Polish Pixie had done some gorgeous green marbling and that Cucumpear has done a spring manicure (check out their blogs, they're on my blogroll on the right). I decided to try marbling after I had watched a video from a blog Polish Pixie directed me to. I wanted springy marbling, so I made my way to my bathroom and grabbed three cheery polishes (and had a hell of a time bringing them to livingroom because I still have the crutches). I also took a mug of warmish water (that was a challenge to get), some nail polish remover, cotton pads, q-tips, matches (to mix the colours) and scotch-tape.

Polishes I used:

Spa Ritual Protein Boost Nail Fortifier (as a base coat, I've been using this ever since I got my gel nails taken off)
OPI Elephantastic Pink (lovely bright pink)
Butter London Cheeky Chops (yellow creme)
Essie Mint Candy Apple (mint green)
Konad Top Coat (to seal it all)

So I covered the skin around my nails with some scotch-tape and got cracking. It took me exactly an hour to do all my finger nails and it was messy.

This is the end result:

Yeah it's not perfect but at least it's colourful! Not only did I loose my marbles, I also went bananas! Banana here was the perfect prop*.

I fuxxed up the tumb because the polish hadn't dried when I started to set up my photography studio. My poor hands are parched! I have to wash my hands more often because I have to change the dressings in my knee. Also, nail polish remover doesn't help. Don't worry, I'm bathing in cuticle cream now.

These look seriously crazy. Like Carebear uniform pattern or like my manicurist was Willy Wonka. I'm not complaining, though. I'm just getting cabin fever.

What do you think? Have you tried marbling your nails?

*The banana wasn't harmed during photography. It only got eaten afterwards.