Thursday, 18 February 2010

Thursday Poll

1. How has your week been so far?

Haha. Painful.

2. Have you ever gone through an entire bottle of nail polish and bought a second of the same color?

I don't think so. I'm the kinda girl who keeps on buying new polishes before the old ones have been used. I'm such a bad kitty.

3. What’s on your nails?

Finger nails: Nfu'Oh #51. Toes: China Glaze IDK with a pink Konad stamp on my left big toe.

4. What are you reading right now?

Lord of the Rings, the Finnish translation (which is amazing, by the way).

5. Do you do pedicures in the winter?

Of course! But I may not keep them as fresh as in summer.

6. Where do you paint your nails?

In my living room.

7. What’s the last thing you bought?

Sparkly silver Converse trainers. I haven't got them yet but they're on their way. A new leg needs new shoes, no?

8. Do you love it when we “spring forward” and it’s light out until 8:00-9:00 pm?

I hate it more when they pull that stuff in the winter. It's dark here anyway so what's the point?

9. What is your favorite print or pattern (can be for clothing, furniture, or whatever)?

I love tartan.

10. What are your two fav color combination’s?

For makeup? Purple+orange and purple+purple, haha.


Lisa Kate said...

I love that you got new shoes!! How cute!!

Grr I'm dying for some Nfu-Oh polish but can't bring myself to spend that much XD

Saila said...

Lisa Kate: I'm posting pics when I get them. Seriously, silver-sequined Converses? Yes, please! And they were -50% off because they were Winter limited edition and I guess there's some spring LE coming up. My purple Converses are falling apart :(

I know! I just ordered one. I love the colour but it's a pain to take of and if you don't wear a top coat (which I often don't), it seems to fade quite easily. It's really strange!