Sunday, 21 February 2010

Smurf's Up: Blue-ish swatches

As Phyrra and Nea requested on Twitter, I'm doing blue swatches today as well (aren't I nice, two swatch posts in one day, read the other one too so I'll feel special). The problem of course was.. I don't wear blues. Blue clothes make me look dead and same goes with most blueish eyeshadows. Blue is just not my colour. It does nothing (good) for me. Le sigh. But dark blue jeans make my butt look awesome :P


(L to R) Fringe, Misfortune, Bali Mynah, Anemone

(L to R) Jinx, Cheshire Cat Grin, Starstruck

(L to R) Sleepy Hollow, Hypercool, Japan

Fringe (Mixology): Silvery icy blue. Do I detect a hint of pink? This isn't a matte shade, it has a stainy sheen but no actual shimmer. This is the one I like to use because it pairs up perfectly with dark, plummy purples.
Misfortune (Meow Cosmetics, Friday the 13th collection): You could say this is green but I'm saying that this has some serious blueness in it. It also has a coppery flash. Looks lovely with greens so one of my faves.
Bali Mynah (Fyrinnae): Shiny turquoise. I've never used this one but I think I will this summer.
Anemone (Fyrinnae): Sky blue that flashes green and gold. I think I need to pair this up with a purple...
Jinx (Sassy Minerals): Heather grey with aqua shimmer. The shimmer is so strong that it passes for a blue. This is another favourite because it looks ohmogodsoamazing with silvers.
Cheshire Cat Grin (Fyrinnae): This is Delft blue with aqua sparks. I have to admit, I bought a sample of this just because of the name. I can use it as a liner but otherwise it's WAY too cold for me. Would look awesome on brown-eyed girls.
Starstruck (Sassy Minerals): To me, this is navy blue with multicoloured sparkle but the official description says "smoky midnight blue with intense blue and silver sparkle". Looks good with purples.
Sleepy Hollow (Fyrinnae, discontinued?): Teal with amazing sparkle. Looks greenish in some angles. I need to come up with a way to use this because it's just so amazing. The photo washes this one out, much more intense and sparklier in real life. Props for the name.
Hypercool (Fyrinnae): Brilliant turquoise on a black base. I think I can use this as a liner. I'd like to try this out for a smoky eye because this is just such an edgy beaufiful shade.
Japan (Fyrinnae): Deep shimmery teal, leaning towards green. Black base. Looks oily, in a good way. A liner colour for me but a great smoky eye base for those who dare.

As I already mentioned, my favourites are Fringe, Misfortune, Anemone, Jinx and Starstruck.

Fringe, Misfortune, Anemone, Jinx, Hypercool and Japan (in a way) are duochromes. For someone who wants sparkle, Cheshire Cat Grin and Starstruck are good choices (as well as Sleepy Hollow but that seems to have disappeared from Fyrinnae site).

Do you feel the lust for blues? Anything here you like?


Nea/ Fashioned in Finland said...

Anemone is PERFECT! Definitely in my top 10 eyeshadows :D

Nice blues, thank you for the swatches!

Saila said...

Nea: I think Anemone is lovely, too. I love the golden shimmer.

You're welcome :)

Phyrra said...

I think Sleepy Hollow might look good with your eyes because of the shimmer in it. Can't remember if you've tried it?

Saila said...

Phyrra: I haven't tried Sleepy Hollow yet. But I'll be working on fixing that :)

Kim said...

Love these swatches, thanks so much! Blues don't quite look right on me either, but I found I could pull off dark blues so long a its not the dominant color, haha. Maybe try like a gradiant look.. a light pretty lid color fading into a darker blue? ^^

Saila said...

Kim: Try mixing blues with silvers, that seems to work with me. Or try other colours or maybe duochrome blues :) I'm trying to incorporate more blues into my makeup routine!

Lisa Kate said...

Ah, twin, I agree! No blues for me either. Once in a while I'll wear em, but I just generally don't care for them on me. I do love Fringe (which I don't have!), Anemone, Hypercool and Starstruck! Pretty!

Saila said...

Lisa Kate: I knew you'd understand ^^

SilhouetteScreams said...

Bali Mynah looks like it would make an AWESOME pop of colour along the lower lashline :)

Saila said...

SilhouetteScreams: Not a bad idea!

Naomie Christensen said...

Cheshire Cat Grin is one of my colors so it looks good but it is so blue.

Saila said...

Naomie: It's a very strong colour so I'm sure that it will divide people's opinion about it. It's a bit too blue for me to use as an eyeshadow (I'd use it as a liner, though) but I still think it's beautiful.

Musicalhouses said...

Ooh great swatches! I love all the blues!

Saila said...

Musicalhouses: Yay! :)