Saturday, 20 February 2010

Royally purple'd off: Aromaleigh swatches

Yesterday I tweeted whether people wanted to see Aromaleigh purple swatches or Fyrinnae pink swatches. The answer was the sound of crickets. I've heard that Fyrinnae is struggling with a large volume of orders and I discovered that the lovely Miss K was a bit angry and down because some nasty e-mails she'd received so my vote swung for Aromaleigh. Not to worry, I'll be swatching a lot and there still will be a post about Fyrinnae pinks.

The pics are a bit blurry because the photographer is a tool (c'est moi, mes petits bonbons) :P I swatched these over TFSI + Pixie Epoxy.

Top row (L to R): Dollhouse, Butterfly Kisses, Jewel, Clara
Bottom row (L to R): Penelope, Got Dibs, Fragile Charms, Girl's Night Out

(L to R) xoxo, Odille, ladystardust, stillinhollywood

The colours fall into following collections:

Eye Plush: Dollhouse
Les Papillons: Butterfly Kisses, Fragile Charms
L'Orchidée: Jewel
En Pointe: Clara, Odille
Pure Eyes Lustre: Penelope
Retro Hi-Fi Matte: Got Dibs
Hot in the City: Girl's Night Out
Valentine 2009: xoxo
Rocks! Sonic Eyes: ladystardust, stillinhollywood

As you might see from the upper photo, Dollhouse isn't completely matte. The Pixie Epoxy brings out the shimmer a bit more than just TFSI. But the shimmer is very, very subtle, the kind you won't necessarily notice. Got Dibs from the much lemminged
Retro Hi-Fi Matte collection is completely matte.

The sparkliest colours of these are definitely Girl's Night Out (exquisite aqua shimmer), ladystardust and stillinhollywood. The weird thing about ladystardust is that if you apply it wet or if you tear up, the colour will be redder, close to stillinhollywood except for the sparkle. Ladystardust (royal blue purple) has multicolour glitter, stillinhollywood (dark amethyst purple, almost burgundy) has gold and copper sparks.

The duochromes of this bunch are Butterfly Kisses (lavender with bluish silvery shimmer), Clara (blue highlight), Jewel (gold/coppery shimmer), xoxo (blue highlight) and Odille (dark purple with pinkish highlight). One might be inclined to think that purple with gold sheen would give too much of the infamous princesymbolthingy vibe but it's actually very pretty, gorgeous even. Butterfly Kisses is the kind of colour that seems to glide on your lids from lavender to silver. It looks mirrory, an effect that I love.

These are no means the only purples from Aromaleigh I have. These are the full sizes I have. I have loads of samples but as my immobility makes it hard to do things (even standing up without crutches when I swatched these was hardcore) I decided to swatch these.

See anything you like? :)


Lisa Kate said...

Haha you deserve some sort of award for being so awesome and swatching these XD

I wants: dollhouse (can't believe I don't have this yet!), Jewel, xoxo & Ladystardust. I think I have all the rest!

Plus, I think its SO STUPID that people are sending Miss K nasty emails about the whole Angel thing...I mean, I sort of see their point of view, but come on guys, it was for CHARITY!!

Saila said...

I'm eating pizza today and watching the whole LOTR trilogy extended versions so I'm rewarded :D

Dollhouse is such a great 'office colour' although I use it with brighter colours, too!

Yes, I sort of understand the frustration and the disappointment but the point of the thing wasn't the eyeshadow, it was donating money to charities. If people want to express their disappointment, there are more reasonable and polite ways of doing it.

Nea/ Fashioned in Finland said...

Love them all :D And have almost all of them too... Haha.

LisaKate: You don't have Dollhouse yet? :-o Get it NOW. LOL

Musicalhouses said...

Ooh I love purples so this is right up my alley! I esp love Jewel and xoxo! I've never actually tried any fyrinnae shadows though, because the hassle of loose powder is too much for me, but they are so tempting!

Saila said...

Nea: That's a good girl :)

Saila said...

Musicalhouses: Loose powders are quite easy to use, I can assure you :) I prefer them to pressed shadows because I feel like I get better coverage with loose pigments. Sample first and see how it works for you :) If you need any help, you can e-mail me anytime :)

Anonymous said...

I have stillinhollywood.I love it:D I think I need ladystardust too.I'll get it with my next huge rocks order:P

Saila said...

bohemian: I love ladystardust. It's very glittery so I wholeheartedly recommend using it over a sticky base.

Painted Moogle said...

Awesome swatches!

My fave Aromaleigh purples: Girl's Night Out, Odile, XOXO... SO PRETTY!

Kim said...

Oooh.. how did I overlook ladystardust? Pretty! Thank you for the swatches ^^

Saila said...

Painted Moogle: Not bad choices at all! I forgot Orchid. I found it yesterday evening. It's a pink-purple with blue highlight. Delicate but gorgeous.

Kim: You're very welcome :)

SilhouetteScreams said...

Clara is so pretty! :O s

Saila said...

SilhouetteScreams: It sure is ;)