Sunday, 21 February 2010

Not Just For Goblins: Gold Swatches

So yesterday I tweeted that I would accept suggestions for swatch posts. My friend Phyrra acted the fastest and suggested aquas/turquoises and then golds. My eyes started gleaming. Yes, golds.

Golds seem to divide people. Some stay clear of them because they feel like gold will make them look like Christmas decorations (it's a bit telling that the Aromaleigh shades were LE and weren't voted as part of the regular lineup). But golds are as wearable as any colour. If a strong metallic one isn't your cup of tea, why not try a lighter gold shades? Golds are especially good friends with green eyes, making them pop but there is a gold for everyone.

This swatch post has lighter golds and darker golds and I'm sure that everyone will find something that they'd like to wear on their lids.

(L to R) Sticky Buns, Iberian Lynx, Platinum, Wild Coco

(L to R) Pavane, Polar Bear, Griffonrider, Half-Elf Hottie

(L to R) Sand Dune, Lucky Charmed, Medieval Haunting, Bastet

Sticky Buns (Fyrinnae, unfortunately discontinued): Warm, peachy-shaded gold
Iberian Lynx (Fyrinnae): Tawny brown with various shades of gold and bronze sparkle. This is a very safe gold for those who want just a little dusting of gold powder.
Platinum (Fyrinnae): "Not silver, not gold but somewhere in between" sums this shade up nicely. Very wearable yet striking. Highly recommended to have in your makeup kit.
Wild Coco (Aromaleigh L'Orchidée, discontinued): Satiny gold with a hint of khaki. I'm so glad i snatched a full size of this and sad that this didn't get voted to become a part of the regular lineup.
Pavane (Aromaleigh, En Pointe, discontinued): Taupe with golden highlight, very satiny.
Polar Bear (Fyrinnae): White-gold, shimmery and soft. If you don't have this, you should get it. The gold isn't in-your-face but gives you a nice glow. Universally flattering and simply divine.
Griffonrider (Fyrinnae): Metallic (dirty) gold with turquoise sparkle and highlight. The turquoise is more visible in real life but in the swatch photo you can see how it makes the gold look very cool, almost silvery. A favourite.
Half-Elf Hottie (Fyrinnae): Gold with purple highlights. You can see the purple in the swatch on the edges of the colour. Really interesting and unique colour.
Sand Dune (Meow Cosmetics, Egyptian Treasures): Metallic golden French vanilla which to me just looks really striking, EXTREMELY metallic gold. Almost sandy, looks gorgeous paired up with chocolate browns.
Lucky Charmed (Fyrinnae): This is what I call olive gold (i.e. gold with chartreuse/green undertones). Very metallic and shiny. If you love greens, this one's a keeper. Can be easily paired up with greens and chartreuses.
Medieval Haunting (Fyrinnae): Antique gold with gold and silver sparkle. This one almost looks brownish but it's not. It looks great with browns, though. Another favourite and I think this would be a good darker gold for those who have a fear of golds.
Bastet(Fyrinnae): Deep velvety black with gold sparkles. This one's a stunner! Great as a liner, too. I once wore this almost by itself (I had highlighter) and it made even a milky-faced pansy like me look edgy! BTW, great name.

Again, these are not the only gold I own but the ones I could easily find and that were in jars. If you want golds that are easy to wear, I'd recommend Platinum, Polar Bear, Iberian Lynx and Medieval Haunting. For those who want their golds supermetallic, check out Sand Dune, Lucky Charmed and Griffonrider.

So, what's your take on gold eyeshadows? Do you see anything that pleases you?


KittenMittens said...

I LOVE golds! All golds! Even if one is very close to another I want it! Even if it's a pink with a gold finish, MINE! :D I love the shiny what can I say lol

Saila said...

KittenMittens: My kinda girl! :D If you want pink with lovely golden finish, get your mittens on Fyrinnae's Rapunzel Got Extensions, it's truly lovely and incredibly shiny. Btw, I love your nick. Kittens <3

KittenMittens said...

Fyrinnae was the first thing that popped into my head when I thought of gold :D I loved it so much I had to grab the Romantique lustre in full size cuz a sample just wasn't gonna do it!
And thank you! I was going by something else but people confused me with a dude all the time lol

Saila said...

Kitten Mittens: :D Great minds think alike, or is it "people that like the shiny think alike".. ooh, I have Romantique, too. I actually love your lip lustre swatches so keep 'em coming!

Lisa Kate said...

Bah! Of course the two that I want are both discontinued :( Pavane and Wild Coco! Boo hiss!

I like golds but I don't wear them nearly enough! I'm always up for a nice gold highlight shade though XD

Saila said...

Lisa Kate: Hmmph, grumble grumble. Do you have Polar Bear yet, or Platinum? I'd recommend those two. And Bastet rocks for smoky eyes.

SilhouetteScreams said...

Omg, how people can not love gold eyeshadow is beyond me, I would seriously love to roll in the stuff all day :D people who say they dont like gold just havent found the right shade yet!

Saila said...

SilhouetteScreams: That's the spirit! And yes, I think it's all about the right shade. A good way place to start is trying taupes/browns with a hint of gold in them.