Sunday, 16 May 2010

Lip Lustre swatches: The Summer Edition

I have more funky lip photos for you to laugh at! As you know, I love Fyrinnae Lip Lustres. Well, I love Fyrinnae stuff in general but the Lip Lustres are pretty awesome. So I pulled out a couple of shades I've been wearing lately and noticed that they all are pretty lovely for this spring/summer season. So I ended up swatching 10 Lip Lustres on my lips. The neighbors must've thought I was a crazy person, taking photos of my lips in my balcony wearing my jammies. Oh, the things I'd do for my lovely readers :)

So swatches are on bare lips. That's the great thing about these lippies: they're so moisturizing that you don't need to wear lipbalm underneath. Some of them last longer than others but you can get more miles from them if you blot after the first layer and then apply another one. Colour descriptions are taken from Fyrinnae website.

Very Berry Happy: Semi-sheer "milky" pink shimmer (vanilla cream scent)

This shade gives your lips a bit of "frosty" look. It's a very cool pink but somehow I don't end up looking like a corpse wearing it. I use it by itself or on top of another lippie for a cool plumping effect (dab it in the middle of your lower lip when wearing a darker cool pink/mauve shade and you get an instant lip plump).

Romantique: Semi-sheer soft warm pink with gold shimmer (toasted marshmallow scent)

This shade is like Rapunzel Had Extensions for lips. Unfortunately I can't wear this own it's own because it clashes with my skintone (which is odd because I have pink/peach tones in my skin). I do use it on top of other golden pink lippies.

Bare Shoulders: Sheer sandy rose shade with lavender highlights (cafe au lait scent)

Although this should be sheerer than Rapunzel, it's a lot more opaque on my lips. I love this shade and I can't quite explain why. It looks taup-ish but it also has this pinky metallic finish to it. Also, I love and hate the scent. Everytime I apply it, I'm like "eeewww, hate this scent" and then I have to sniff it more. This is definitely one of my favourite shades.

Lace Gloves: Sheer pink with red highlights (melon scent)

Another favourite of mine, this shade makes lips look rosy and luscious. I pick this shade quite often when I want that "my lips but better" look. It gives you the nice pink afterglow...

Devil Horns: Warm coral-pink with a brighter pink shimmer, which changes to a sizzling coppery-coral shade as it gets close to light (vanilla rum scent)

I couldn't capture the colour change on camera but if you look at the corners of my mouth, it does look a bit more coppery there. I use this colour a lot, it's a lovely warm coral that makes my skin glow.

Flavor of the Day: Semi-sheer light peach-pink with gold shimmer (strawberry cotton candy scent)

Utterly delicious. This looks almost matte peach in the container but the shimmer and the pink undertones become very visible on lips. I've noticed that lot of blogettes have fallen in love with this shade.

Puppy Love: Vibrant cool pink with tiny reflective sparkles, offering an almost "holographic" appearance. The sparkles are varying hues of blue, making this a multi-dimensional shade, but at different angles will appear pink or even orange and gold (candied kiwi scent)

This one I got as a freebie sample gift from the Fyrinnae boys. It's a very lovely colour and I love the shimmer. It's very very shimmery so don't be surprised if you find the shimmer on your cheeks and your nose when the colour wears off!

Lollipop-Pop: Fun vibrant light pink with a blue highlight (lychee scent)

I believe this was one of the first Lip Lustre shades I ever tried out. As it is pink with blue highlight, it's obviously one of my favourites although I lately I haven't used it as much.

Trickster: Vibrant fuchsia topped with shimmering blue highlight (creme de menthe scent)

This is like Lollipop-Pop's outgoing big sister. This shade was requested by Phyrra and like Phyrra herself, the shade is awesome and edgy.

Fanservice: A matte, vivid milky lavender (sweet rose scent)

I love this shade but I can't wear it alone because it makes me look slightly hypothermic. So I either blot it so it turns into light lavender lip stain OR I wear it on top of another lippie. This shade makes me think about milkshakes. Yum yum.

Some people are not fond of Lip Lustres, saying that they don't last well or that they feel oily on lips. As with any cosmetic product, people are very different and react differently. I personally love Lip Lustres. Some of the shades last longer than others (for instance, Puppy Love wears off quite quickly on my lips) but I like the formula and it feels moisturizing to my lips. All of these lippies are vegan.

What do you think about Lip Lustres? Any favourite shades?