Tuesday, 11 May 2010

It's Only a Model or Some 'Get Medieval' Swatches

I got some happy mail as well today! I ordered samples of some of the 'Get Medieval' colours and since the light was cooperating even after work, I did some swatching for you. As always, these are swatched on TFSI + Pixie Epoxy. First bact of photos were taken outdoors and the second indoors. Colour descriptions are from Morgana Minerals website.

(L to R, outside without flash) Fortress, Chivalry, Alchemy, Lady Godiva

Fortress: Russet-plum with a bright, silvery blue-green sheen
Chivalry: Lavender with a vibrant green sheen

Alchemy: Fuchsia with aqua sparkles
Lady Godiva: Plum on a charcoal background with violet-pink sheen & sparkle

Fortress is a duochrome, albeit a faint one.I love it. In some lights it looks like russet and in some lights it leans more to plum. Definitely one of my favourites. Chivalry is another fave. The green shimmer is visible and the shade is just soooo delicate and beautiful. Alchemy is a bright fuchsia but for some reason I can't see  the aqua sparkles in any light. Lady Godiva is such a stunner. It looks a bit murky in the baggie but on skin the pinkish sheen becomes more visible.

(L to R, outside without flash) Concubine, Guinevere, Byzantium, Drawbridge

Concubine: Maroon with flecks shifting gold, copper, and red
Guinevere: A rich coral with a pink sheen (this shade contains a small amount of Bismuth Oxychloride)
Byzantium: Metallic cinnamon brown
Drawbridge: Brown

Concubine is a very dramatic metallic colour. I don't know if I'll be able to pull it of in a makeup look but I can't stop staring it on my skin. Guinevere definitely delivers on the spring trend factor. It's lovely and bright. Another fave. Byzantium is another dramatic colour in the collection and makes my heart go pitter-patter. Drawbridge makes muddy brown look lovely. I think I can detect a hint of gold somewhere...

(L to R, outside without flash) Stonekeep, Beowulf

Stonekeep: Metallic olive with a golden sheen, sparks of gold and copper catch the light beautifully (contains small amounts of Dimethicone and Bismuth Oxychloride)
Beowulf: Deep, sparkling navy shifting to a dark purple. Shifting sparkles of silver and gold add brilliance to this dark shade

Stonekeep will probably be one of the big sellers from this collection (as will be Beowulf). Sparkly metallics are quite unusual because most of the time people want metallics to be more satiny but Stonekeep looks almost wild with the subtle shimmer. I don't see the purple factor in Beowulf but it's a gorgeous navy.

Now the same colours inside without flash (pics are taken by the window).

I think I need more shades from this collection and some full sizes. I like that the shades I matched are not all the same. There are something for everybody, I'm sure.

Hope you like the swatches! See anything you like?