Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Hauls and why I have been away

I haven't been blogging for a couple of weeks, sorry about that. I actually was catsitting three kitties for a week and that's one major reason why I haven't been posting anything.

So to make up for neglecting you, I decided to post my first hauling post ever! I received my The She Space grab bag and more Heavenly Naturals stuff.

So I received Basking in Sunshine ( top row, first one from the left), Necessary Laughter (top row, second one from the left), Vampires Tap Dancing (the red in the middle), Take a YOU Day (bottom row, first one from the left) and Experience Everything (second one from the left).
So I got two of the colours I wished for, yay! And these babies are superpigmented, I'm very VERY pleased. I'm glad that I took a chance on the grab bags and I actually ordered another Storypeople grab bag that has 10 shadows.
Basking in Sunshine is very vibrant orange (not peach, not copper).
Necessary Laughter is a lovely yellow with copper tones. Lovelovelove!
Vampires Tap Dancing is a pinkish red. This shade is so yummy, I can't wait to do a look with it!
Take a YOU Day is a regal purple.
Experience Everything is a gorgeous steely dark blue, a bit like stormy sky.

From Heavenly Naturals I got With You and Bambi. René had also sent me one of her lipglosses to sample! I got this lovely red called Candy Apple. It smells and tastes like peppermint and it tingles on my lips. I love it. I was expecting to get a couple of her regular eyeshadow sample baggies but this was a nice surprise! You don't have to guess that I'm smiling like a lunatic. I'm such a sucker for lipglosses.
With You is a minty green with a curious sparkle (I think it's golden but I have to look into it). I think this one is going to be my summer love.
Bambi is a lovely golden neutral, perfect for laid back summery look.

So I got the stitches out and this is what my wrist looks like now. Yeah, I've lost a bit of skin and flesh from the lower part.. It was just a matter of millimetres that I didn't cut my artery. But as you can see, it's healing quite nicely.

I'm trying to find some time to post a look soon!


Phyrra said...

Nice haul :)
The minty green sounds lovely.
Your wrist looks like it's healing well, though it definitely looks like something tried to chomp on you.

Cris said...

I hope your wrist heals fully...& I like the colours you got :). [Well, except the purple 'cause I hate purple :-P.]

Saila, the Adventurous Purple Koala said...

Hi Phyrra and Cris! Yeah, the wrist is SO much better now. Although it's still slightly sore but that was to be expected. At least I learned my lesson: never go so hungry that you try to slice dried up rye bread! Kids, this is what happens when a jagged blade kitchen knife has a party inside your wrist! :P

Phyrra: With you is a very lovely shade. I have to do a look with it soon, it's just staring at my from my counter! I like the lipgloss, too (I'm wearing it now). It's very moisturising and feels silky on my lips.

Cris: Teehee, we all have our likes and dislikes :) I don't like burgundy or maroon myself, those colours make me look a bit ill.

Kim said...

Wow, quite the color variation in the grab bag! I really like the red pigment, but it's a hard color for me to work with on the eyes. D:

Ouchies about your wrist! Hope it heals quickly :3

Saila, the Adventurous Purple Koala said...

Kim: Reds are quite tricky but I've found myself using them more and more. I really loved the grab bag deal, especially that the variation as you said!

The wrist is already better, thanks :) A bit sore from time to time but it's nothing that time can't heal.