Saturday, 6 June 2009

Fyrinnae samples haul

So I got some sample stuff from Fyrinnae a couple of days ago. I'm in a bit of a hurry and don't have time to post any looks (not today, at least, we're attending Simo's cousin's party) but I wanted to share these beauties with you.

1st row (from left to right): Mischief Makers, Fancy Lad, Sennyo, Bali Mynah

2nd row: The Flying Scotsman, Red Panda, Leif, Randy Ferret

3rd row: Okapi, Monarch Butterfly

I got Mischief Makers as a free sample and the colour is simply stunning! Like my friend Decorative Diva has described it, it looks like silver silk ribbon. When I looked at it on the website and in the jar, I went 'meh' but then I tried it on and I was amazed by it.

My other faves from this haul were Fancy Lad (warm pink with green shimmer), Bali Mynah (vibrant turquoise), Red Panda (golden orange copper), Randy Ferret (deep smoky forest green with green and teal shimmer and purple sparkles), Okapi (rich mahogany burgundy with accents of gold) and Monarch Butterfly (deep black with hues of glowing reddish copper shimmer). These are the colours I'm tempted to buy full sizes of.

I was surprised by Okapi. Burgundy isn't my favourite shade and I can't remember why I ordered it in the first place but it looks divine. And Red Panda will look perfect with Tamarin which I already have. Yesterday I used Mischief Makers, Fancy Lad and Artic Fox together (sorry, I couldn't take photos!) and they looked so good.

Bali Mynah, Red Panda, Okapi and Monarch Butterfly are a part of Endangered 2008 collection. Part of the sales of that collection go to World Wildlife Fund to protect endangered species. ALL sales from shades Baby Beluga and Orca go to protect these two species. And that's reason enough to get some beauties from this collection.

Fyrinnae will probably make another Endangered collection for this year. It's rumoured to consist of silky neutrals but there's no knowing what they will come up with! We just have to keep on waiting :)


Phyrra said...

I hope you love Mischief Makers as much as I do ;)
Fancy Lad is really pretty.
I want to see Sennyo and Bali Mynah on you!
Red Panda sounds interesting.
I'm curious as to what you will think of The Randy Ferret.
Monarch Butterfly is a really cool crease/liner color because of the red sparks!

I sooo want to see pictures!!!

Saila, the Adventurous Purple Koala said...

Mischief Makers is just lovely, it's so precious. Not on it's own, though, at least not on me :( But I love it nonetheless.

Red Panda looks lovely, I'm wearing it today with Tamarin and Okapi (which I'm using as a liner).

I'll take pictures as soon as I have time, I promise!!! Right now it's a bit hectic because I lost my Fridays for full-time work :P