Monday, 25 May 2009

Heavenly Naturals Earth Child + Believe FOTD

Actually I took these photos yesterday but as I redid this look today, I decided that I could use them still. I have been searching for a brown with green shimmer for a while. I had ordered Lime Crime's Dragon Scales but the colour just clashed with my skin. Then when I found Heavenly Naturals, I discovered Earth Child. It's a copper-shaded brown with lovely mint green shimmer. I also happened to have Heavenly Naturals' eyeshadow in Believe which is the actual same colour as the green shimmer in Earth Child. So of course I had to use them together.

Earth Child + Believe FOTD

Purely Cosmetics Skin Smoothing Foundation
Meow Cosmetics Top Cat Finishing Powder (over foundation)
Purely Cosmetics Blush in Blushing
Too Faced Shadow Insurance (as a primer on upper lids)
Heavenly Naturals eyeshadow in Earth Child (all over upper lids)
Heavenly Naturals eyeshadow in Believe (inner corners of eyes)
Lumiere Cosmetics eyeshadow in Butter Cream (as a highlighter below brow)
MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack (upper lashline)
Dior Diorshow Waterproof mascara in Black
MAC lipglass in Possum Nose Pink (from LE Dame Edna collection)

I really like the green shimmer in Earth Child. The highlighter also has a hint of green in it. I didn't even remember I had a shade like Butter Cream but it just magically reappeared when I was doing this look. Also note how the copper in Earth Child makes my eyes appear bluer. Blue-eyed babes take note: copper makes blues pop.

Here you can see the lovely shimmer Earth Child has. It matches 100% with Believe. It's fun because when I look at my eyes on the mirror, you can't see where Believe ends and Earth Child begins; the green shade just glides into the copper.

I'm very pleased with this look. I bought the cutest earrings ever! You can barely see them but they have Russian matryoshka dolls in them. They are made by Green Papaya. The company uses recycled and upcycled materials. These earrings of mine were made of a fabric that had matryoshka print in it.
I had a hard time deciding what shade of lipstick to wear with this look. I thought about wearing something orange but it would have been too matchy-matchy. So I settled with Possum Nose Pink which isn't a pink pink but rather a mix of fuchsia and warm red.

Oh, I also had to take a picture of my hand. I have a protective tape over the stiches but it's starting to peel off. As you can see, my wrist is pretty bruised.

Okay, I know my hand looks disgusting but what do you think of the look?


Phyrra said...

I really like your eyeliner and how long your lashes look in this look.
Your poor wrist!

Saila, the Adventurous Purple Koala said...

Thanks :) I nearly always use black Fluidline with an angle brush. I just think it's easier to apply than pencils or regular eyeliners.
Yep, the wrist is still pretty beaten up. I have to call the doctor and make an appointment to get the stiches out.

Phyrra said...

I'm like that with my Aromaleigh gel eyeliner and a bent eyeliner brush. To me, it's far easier than anything else.

Hope your wrist heals up nicely.


Saila, the Adventurous Purple Koala said...

Same here. I think it's easier to control the line with a brush.

I just got the stitches out. There were 6 in total which made the nurse freak out a little. Which in turn made me a bit squeamish.