Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Geeky but Glam!

Vanessa from Glamour Doll Eyes wanted to add some new collections now that she has re-vamped her labelling and webstore pics and asked some help from her blog readers to come up with new collections that have 3-6 shades from her line. She also asked to suggest a name for the collection.

Glam Girl, Pinky Swear, Fabulous! and Sterling Glitz are my favourite shades (so far) from her line and I made a look with these and I posted it here as a sort of birthday present for her. So I suggested that she'd make a collection out of these four funky colours.

And guess what?

Geeky but Glam collection is now out! I'm so very happy! If you order this collection (full size), you'll save $10.

Here's a direct link to the collection:

Be sure to check out the other collections as well! Phyrra from Decorative Diva also has her collection called 'Phyrra's Picks' which features her favourite shades.

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