Saturday, 2 May 2009

Heavenly Naturals: swatches and a review

After reading xsparkage's glowing review about Heavenly Naturals I decided to have a go at them myself. Heavenly Naturals sell a variety of beauty products but I've concentrated on eyeshadows.
I really like the smoothness of the pigments. Some of them are more sheer than others but overall I'm not diappointed so far. For those who don't like shimmer, there are several matte shadows to choose from. The mattes blend easily and there was no clumping like there sometimes is with matte pigments.
Well, you won't be disappointed with Heavenly Naturals' range of shades! Ok, there are not as many to choose from as there is with Fyrinnae or Aromaleigh but I dare you to say that you can't find anything you would like. There are reds, pinks, aquas, purples, oranges, yellows, nudes, whites, blacks... Something for everyone.
Shipping costs

As someone who doesn't live in the US, I always look at the shipping costs. That's partially why Fyrinnae has become such a staple for me. Heavenly Naturals offer international shipping at very affordable prices. I hate companies that charge me $15 for shipping and when that package arrives, I notice that the actual cost of shipping has been $3-$5. Heavenly Naturals doesn't charge you outrageous prices for putting the stuff on an envelope. The shipping costs were somewhere around $3.
Customer Service

I had a problem with my order. I received a wrong eyeshadow due to a glitch on the website. I e-mailed René and received an answer in two days. The problem was fixed instantly and with friendliness. They must be a bit swamped with orders after xsparkage's posting so I understand why I had to wait for two days. Plus that's not bad. There are companies that haven't answered me until I started getting really angry (I'm looking at you FaceFront).
Okay, I'm such a language police and there are a lot of spelling mistakes. Also, individual samples are only available with certain colours, otherwise you have to do a package deal (which is not entirely bad). But mostly you can find the stuff you're looking for. I hope René will find the time to list the shadows according to colours because that would be very helpful.
In all, I give Heavenly Naturals an excellent grade. One has to remember that they are a small company and that brings some limitations. But the key points (product quality, shipping costs and customer service) were all right on.
I advice you to order samples first and then go for full sizes.
Finally, some swatches of the colours I have :) (I've used Too Faced Shadow Insurance as primer)

1st row from the top (from left to right): Cupcake, Baby Doll, Demure, Sacrifice
2nd row (from left to right): Daddy's Girl, Sleeping Beauty, Persuasion, Diva
3rd row (from left to right): Lemy-Lime, Fairytale, Panic, Fantasy
This pic was taken outside in direct sunlight. The shimmer is way more sparkly in direct sunlight, it's exquisite!

Same colours inside in sunlight. The difference in shimmer is noticeable when compared to the photo taken outside.

1st row (from left to right): Vanilla Crush, Bashful, Chocolate Brown
2nd row (from left to right): Fierce, Coutour, Ransom
This was also taken outside in direct sunlight. Look at all the shimmery goodness!

Same colours, picture taken inside in sunlight.

Is there some colours that I think are a must-have? Yes. If you love purples, you need Diva. Dady's Girl is lovely too but if you have MAC's Stars N' Rockets, it's almost a dupe. If you are a sucker for greens then I'd recommend getting Fairytale because it's a gorgeous golden green. For nude lovers, Bashful is a good choice. If pink is more your cup of tea, Cupcake should be on your list. If you want something out of the ordinary, check out Coutour and Ransom.
I really love Heavenly Naturals' mattes. Demure is almost like MAC's Yogurt,Vanilla Crush is a lovely off-white shade and Chocolate Brown is, well, chocolate brown :)
Heavenly Naturals has a spring collection called Spring Dollface. Vanilla Crush, Demure, Chocolate Brown, Bashful, Baby Doll and Fairytale are all from that collection.
So what do you think? Will you be sampling Heavenly Naturals?


Fifi said...

Thanks for these lovely swatches! I have to get some of these! :D

Saila, the Adventurous Purple Koala said...

You're welcome :) René from Heavenly Naturals is very friendly and she'll answer your questions if there's something you'd like to know about her products.

Nice to see you here :)