Thursday, 21 May 2009

Heavenly Naturals Dark Purple FOTD

I accidentally slit my wrist while cutting bread two days ago which morbidly enough gave me an inspiration to do a darker, almost gothic purple look. My hand is still aching (it got stiched up) so doing makeup at the moment is a bit of a challenge. I hope you understand the situation and ignore any problems I might have had with blending.

Dark Purple FOTD

Purely Cosmetics Skin Smoothing Foundation (custom blended with 2 parts of Fair Maiden and 1 part of Peaches N Cream)
Meow Cosmetics Crystalline Cat Glow Powder in Quartz (as a higlighter on cheekbones and temples)
Purely Cosmetics Blush in Blushing
Too Faced Shadow Insurance (as a primer on upper lids)
Heavenly Naturals eyeshadow in Romantic Notion (all over upper lid)
Heavenly Naturals eyeshadow in Persuasion (outer vee and crease)
Heavenly Naturals eyeshadow in Cupcake (to blend out Persuasion and Romantic Notion)
Fyrinnae eyeshadow in Sakura (as a highlighter under brows)
Heavenly Naturals eyeshadow in Diva (wetlined on upper and lower lashlines)
Dior Diorshow Waterproof mascara in Black
MAC lipstick in A Rose Romance

I think Diva is a kick-ass purple and makes a great liner! I love it as an eyeshadow, too. Persuasion is a bit brownish purple which is why I decided to use a pretty pink like Cupcake to blend it with Romantic Notion which is a mauveish sort of purple. I didn't want to go too gothic so Cupcake balanced the look perfectly. Fyrinnae's Sakura is white with purplepink irisdecence to it. I blend it a bit with my fingers because it's a glowing white and I wanted to blend it so that it would look like I had a white line below my brows.

I think this is great photographic evidence on how purple really brings out the green in my eyes. I was going to line my eyes with black but instead went for purple which I think works better than black would here.

If you like Orgasm blush from Nars but find it a bit too gritty and glittery then try Purely Cosmetics' Blushing blush. It's a great dupe and looks way more glowy than Orgasm does. I have Orgasm in Multiple (haha) and I have a love/hate relationship with it. The colour is great but the glitter is a bit too much. I also adore Purely Cosmetics' Skin Smoothing Foundation. I use it when I want my skin to look flawless without a concealer.

I think Heavenly Naturals have great eyeshadows. They aren't as crazy as Fyrinnae's but they are of really good quality and the colours are lovely and very pigmented. I already have several full sized eyeshadows and I've been extremely happy with them.

I think I mentioned MAC's A Rose Romance lipstick in my last post. I love the formula and I really like how it looks on my lips. It's a limited edition colour as far as I know so if you're interested, you might want to get it ASAP.

How do you like my darker look?


Phyrra said...

This is my favorite look that I've seen you do lately. Gorgeous! Love the liner!

Saila, the Adventurous Purple Koala said...

Thanks :) Your complimets always mean a lot to me! I really was about to do the same black line I've been doing for too long but then Diva caught my eye and that was it :)