Tuesday, 4 August 2009

As requested: Meow Lost Rainforest blush swatches

One of my readers, Nea/Fashioned in Finland, asked me to swatch Meow's Lost Rainforest blushes. I hadn't been checking out my blog for a long time so I noticed her request two days ago.

So this Nea is for you! You others may find this interesting, too :)

Heliconia (left) and Canna(right)

It was a slightly overcast day today so the picture isn't as good as I hoped it to be. But you can see that Heliconia is much warmer than Canna. I love the irisdecence in both blushes, I think these blushes rival Meow's gorgeous Lush Blushes! Lost Rainforest blushes aren't overly sparkly despite the irisdecence, so don't worry. They are shimmery and beautiful.

I had to get a full sized Canna blush because it's almost a dupe for Buenos Aires. Buenos Aires is a bit warmer but Canna has that je ne sais quoi that makes my face glow. Canna is very fresh and despite that it looks a bit scary in the jar, it's very wearable.

Here's a rather poor pic of me with my new hair (don't worry guys, I'm actually wearing a very low cut corset top so this is perfectly safe for work..). The reason I'm posting this pic is that I'm wearing Canna on my cheeks. As you can see, it's very pink but not too over the top.

I think that Heliconia is for those of you who aren't comfortable wearing very pink blushes. For me Heliconia is a bit too warm for me, I think it would look better on a person that isn't as pale as I am.

Meow's Lost Rainforest Collection retires on September 1st so get your paws on the stuff you find interesting before it's too late! I can heartily recommend the eyeshadows, too. They really are very vibrant and interesting.


Phyrra said...

You look lovely!
I really love Canna.
I've been mixing it lately with another blush for a slightly brighter iridescent look.

Saila, the Adventurous Purple Koala said...

Thanks, sweetie :)

Canna is amazing. The second I first tried it on I knew I just HAD to get a full size.

What are you mixing it with?

I also really like Queen Alexandria glow powder.

If I have enough money before the collection retires, I'll probably make another full sized order... :P

Phyrra said...

I'm mixing it with Aromaleigh's Candy-O, which is a matte fuschia :)

Nea/ Fashioned in Finland said...

Your hair looks gorgeous! And the blushes too...

Thank you for swatches :D

Saila, the Adventurous Purple Koala said...

Thanks, Nea! My hair is a bit messy in that photo.. I'm not good at doing my hair, it's always such a pain!

I hope the swatches were a bit helpful!