Sunday, 19 December 2010

London haulings and a few pics

Hi everyone!

So I spent last weekend (actually from Thursday to Sunday) in London with my friend celebrating my birthday and her nameday (well, we needed an excuse!). I was going to do a swatch post today but unfortunately I have the sniffles and I don't like to get germs all over my precious makeup thingies. So instead I'm posting my London makeup haul and some photos from the trip (ye been warned, the post in question be picture-heavy).

First of all, I didn't shop all that much I thought I would. I mostly spent my money on good food, a few drinks and a hairdresser's appointment. I did, however, get a couple of makeup goodies.

So I got MAC blush in My Highland Honey, MAC eyeshadow in Club (satin finish), MAC lipstick in Violetta (VV edition), 17 Mirror Shine lipstick in Belle and Too Faced Naked Eye BOS.

The reason for MAC haulage was MAC's Pro store in Foubert Place (near Carnaby Street). There were a lot of shops nearby and had I had more money, I know I would've gotten a couple of pair of shoes, some party dresses and other girly things.

The theme of our trip was to eat and drink well. Before we left Helsinki, we unanimously decided that we could skimp on shopping but not on food. So, on the first day we went to Liberty's tea room to have classic afternoon tea. There were fingersandwiches, scones with jam and clotted cream, lemon cake, chocolate mousse cake and a strawberry cupcake. Oh yes, and two pots of tea. We couldn't finish everything so they packed the rest so we could take it to our B&B.

Mind you, Liberty is a huge department store and I could not afford most of the things on sale there. When I was wandering around I saw them selling cotton shopping totes (you know those very simple ones that one should use for grogery shopping instead of plastic ones) and the price tag said £80. Mine cost me about 2 euros but then again, it isn't designed by the fashion house of Chloe. But the building is beautiful and well preserved. And it's not just the facade, the interior is also wood and looks very lovely.

Leadenhall Market in the City or those of you who enjoy the Potter films, this is Diagon Alley. A lovely place, not much to see or do besides taking some photos and having a glass of wine.

I had to take a photo of this advertisement. Had to. I mean, what is C-3PO doing to that washing machine? And scratching his bum at the same time? WHERE IS THIS GALAXY GOING TO?

Speaking of interesting advertisements, there was a guy in Oxford Street dressed up as a beaver advertising waxing. Beaver, waxing, get it? Good grief.

The theme of Carnaby Street Christmas lights this year was space. So of course Santa Clause was dressed up as an astronaut. OF COURSE.

And as Christmas is next week, I'm leaving you with these sentiments. Yes, f*ck me, I need to get some wrapping paper, if only this stupid illness would leave me well alone!