Saturday, 1 January 2011

Aromaleigh Astronomical swatches, part one

Hi everyone!

This post is long due because Miss K sent me her Astronomical collection for a review and I received the package on Dec 16th. Of course, that was the day I got my epically epic sniffles that led to infection asthma. I've been more or less sick ever since and now it seems it's happening again. However, after washing my hands until they were red an raw I decided to post these swatches. Sorry about the image quality. It's very cloudy in Helsinki at the moment and it's fricking snowing. Again. We already have about 60cm of snow.

I'm doing the swatching in two parts because of the light issue and because I'm not feeling well. So just bear with me.

The swatches are inside without a flash and I've used TFSI + Pixie Epoxy as a primer. BTW, these are so shimmery and glittery that I heartily suggest using a sticky base for maximum sparkle fest.

The colour descriptions are based on what I see when I look at these colours. Ye be warned.

Top (L to R): Milky Way, Celestial, Umbra, Ephemeris
Middle: Magellanic, Apogee, Perihelion, Heliosphere
Bottom: Neutrino, Nadir, Extra-Galactic, Dark Matter

Milky Way: a peachy off-white with tons of green sparkle (which of course isn't visible in the photo).
Celestial: a very sparkly baby pink with golden shimmer.
Umbra: a shimmery, satiny mauve (not as sparkly as Milky Way or Celestial) with pink flashes.
Ephemeris: a light golden taupe with greenish shimmer.
Magellanic: a bronzey brown with red flashes.
Apogee: maroony, red-based brown with tons of shimmer.
Perihelion: a French Vanilla yellowish white colour with cool pink sparkle.
Heliosphere: a metallic olive gold.
Neutrino: dark chocolate brown with intense teal shimmer.
Nadir: shimmery pink coral.
Extra-Galactic: a metallic, slightly dusty purple
Dark Matter: a cocoa brown with golden tones with blue-ish (?) sparkle

My favourites from these are Milky Way, Celestial, Umbra, Ephemeris, Perihelion, Neutrino, Extra-Galactic and Dark Matter.

Colours that are more unique: Perihelion, Neutrino

This is the more neutral part of the collection. The shades are extremely shimmery and/shiny, it's like a burst of stars, really (well, duh). Perihelion and Neutrino stand out to me as the more unique colours but that doesn't mean that the other colours are somehow worse, not at all. For me these two are colours that I don't remember seeing anywhere.

Anything you like in this collection?