Sunday, 21 November 2010

It's a Tartan Blur

Well folks,

it's the time of the year when you have sunlight in Finland only if you're extremely lucky. Now it's 12.46am and it's mostly grey.

MAC came out with a collection called Tartan Tale which really is no news anymore but I just wanted to share my haul with you. Initially, I was just going to get Courting Lilac lipstick, A Wish Come True eyeshadow and Style Clan nail polish. First I got Cut A Caper lipstick, A Wish Come True eyeshadow, Enviably Fun eyeshadow and Style Clan nail polish. I left Courting Lilac behind because it looked too murky at the MAC counter when I swatched it.

I was the second person on the counter on the morning of the release. I had a bit of a hassle because I told the MAC artist what I wanted and she checked some of the shade names except for A Wish Come True. So when I got home a few hours later, I had Semi-Precious in my bag. I had to run back and they changed the eyeshadow. By that time there were a lot more people and I was sure that A Wish Come True had sold out (we have only one MAC counter in Helsinki and they get their stock from another country so if LE stuff runs out, they don't get more of it because it takes about 3-4 weeks for them to re-stock. At least this was the case a year ago. And believe me, sometimes it seems they're out on everything).

Let me share the first blurry pics of my first haul...

The happy Tartan family reunion. Enviably Fun is the green tartan striped eyeshadow (as you can see, these are slightly bigger than regular MAC eyeshadows) and the pinkish one is A Wish Come True).

 Here's how Cut A Caper (lustre finish) looks on my chapped lips. It's a bright peachy pink lipstick but it applies pretty sheer. For me it's perfect because it really freshens and brightens up my skin tone.

Okay. I should explain this crappiness of a photo first. I tried to get a decent swatch photo of the eyeshadows (upper line without primer, lower line with TFSI+Pixie Epoxy) but I had to tweak the brightness because the photo turned out yellow without proper lighting and flash. However, you can see that these eyeshadows really do require a primer because otherwise they're really sheer. They are nice and shiny, though. The finish is very satiny and shiny. But if you want more pigmented dupes, check out Fyrinnae's Danse Macabre (lime with golden sheen) and Apparition (pink with mauve tones) as these are far more vibrant than MAC's.

I love Style Clan nail polish. You can see the flecks of copper in the poop brown base in this photo. And yeah, it looks poop brown in your nails.. but the copper flakes make it more festive! Actually, this polish is a good alternative to black nail polish in case your workplace frowns upon black nails.

So I decided to leave Courting Lilac behind. Guess what followed me home from Tallinn's Kaubamaja's MAC counter? Yep, Courting Lilac lipstick. The shade looked better there (could it've been the lighting?) and it cost a few euros less than here. Win-win, I'd say.

Courting Lilac (glaze finish) is lilac with golden sheen. It's on the sheer side like Cut A Caper. I love the gold in it, it makes the shade interesting and it changes according to light.

Here's a swatch of the both lippies on bare skin.

Somehow the two blushes of the collection didn't tempt me as much as I would've thought. Highland Honey looked too yellow on me when I swatched it and Her Blooming Cheek has nothing on some indie stuff I have.

As you can probably guess some or all of these are following me to my trip to London which is in few weeks!

Did you shop Tartan Tale? What did you get?