Sunday, 29 August 2010

OHWTO Lip Tint swatches

Sooo yesterday I mentioned that OHWTO makes tinted vegan lip balms. I also promised swatches so here here they are.

I have three of the shades OHWTO is offering: Caroline, Arlette and Victoria. All of the balms are very smoothing and give a nice glossy finish to the lips. These are tinted lip balms but I think their pigmentation is better than with tinted lip balms usually (unless you count Aromaleigh's tinted lip balms, there are as pigmented as they were). Also, all of these are flavored and scented. I'm very sensitive to smells but I can smell these only for a couple of seconds after applying them. However, I don't taste the flavor in these tints and I'm renowned for eating my lip products when I'm nervous (not straight from the tube, of course, because that would be silly). My lips are extremely dry and chapped but the colour doesn't get "stuck" on the flakey parts of my lips. It just glides over them and hides them.

The swatches are taken on bare lips and pphotographed inside without flash directly in front of a window (so you can see how they look in natural light). Shade descriptions are taken from OHWTO's Etsy site.

Caroline: a bright, bubbly pink with a pearlescent sheen, she's the girl everyone can't help but love. This pink is on the cool end of the spectrum but it works great with most skin tones due to the transparency of this formula. Caroline is very lightly flavored- but not sweetened- with bubble gum lip balm flavoring.

Caroline is maybe the most used of my OHWTO lip tints. It's perfect for nude looks and also grey-ish smoky looks. It's very pink and the bubble gum scent (Juicy Fruit-type) is appropriate for the shade.

Arlette: A warm sheer red, but she's not one to follow conventions. Arlette stands out from the crowd with surprising green sparkles. Arlette is lightly flavored- but not sweetened- with my Absinthe essential oil blend of anise, lemongrass, peppermint and blood orange.

Arlette is a wonderful colour for my undertones and gives a great warm glow to my lips and face. However, if you don't like the scent of anise, you might be turned off by this one. I can smell the anise and not much else and the scent lingers a bit longer (and is also more powerful) than the scents of Caroline and Victoria. The green sparkles are very subtle and I couldn't catch them on camera but they are there!

Victoria: a dark queen indeed, Victoria is a mocha plum with subtle shimmer because you would not expect to see her Royal highness unadorned with sparkly things! Victoria is very lightly flavored- but not sweetened- with black tea flavoring oil. How appropriately regal!

I expect to wear the hell out of this one during this autumn.  It's such a gorgeous colour! Again, the shimmer in this is very subtle and definitely on the elegant/regal side. A delicious, vampy shade. The scent in this one is barely noticeable compared to Caroline and Arlette.

I found these lip balms very conditioning and nicely tinted. I love the glossy finish and how they don't clump on your lips. As these are quite light and glossy, one does need to re-apply these a bit more often than a regular lip gloss or lipstick if one wants to keep the colour as vivid as possible. I love these colours and I love the formula of these tints so I'd recommend these for anyone who has chapped/dry lips and wants a nice wash of colour.

Have you tried OHWTO's lip tints? What do you think of these? Any favourites?