Tuesday, 10 August 2010

More Fyrinnae Lip Lustre lip swatches

Hi there! I'm home sick so I figured I'd post you some Lip Lustre swatches I took before I got sick.

I still have some shades I haven't swatched so I'll probably deal with them soon-ish. The red blotch on my lower lip is NOT herpes, it's a pimple. Also featured in the photos are black strands that obviously have come from my face towel. FAIL. But at least the Lustres are pretty! Descriptions are taken from Fyrinnae website.

All the photos have been taken in a direct sunlight without a flash.

Backstage Kisses: Light, yet vibrant peach enhanced with tiny reflective sparkles (not gritty glitter!). The sparkles are varying hues of blue and purple, changing to pink/orange in some lighting, making this a multi-dimensional shade. Similar in hue to Meloncholy, but considerably lighter and with a more "milky" appearance. (Tangerine-Vanilla scent)

I think of all the lustres with reflective sparkle (at least from my stash), this is the less-glittery one. There is some sparkle but it's not as prominent as in, let's say, Puppy Love that makes your lips glitter like crazy (and also the rest of your face too as the day goes by). I love this shade. It looks bright orange in the container but on lips it's a lovely shade of peach. The scent is nice, not too overpowering.

Ultra Phantom: Sheer aqua sparkle (not plastic or metal glitter, but soft, non-gritty sparkle!) that turns to pink in different light or angles, and sometimes almost pale orange. Looks cool worn alone, stunning over black or dark purple lipstick, or perks up a plain pink. (Dark chocolate peppermint scent)

This looks mint green in the container. On my lips (if I wear it on its own) it looks almost silvery white but the colour keeps changing according to how the light hits it. In the swatch photo you can see that in some parts of my lips it looks more greenish and on some parts it's almost pink. I hate to admit but... I hate the scent of this. I usually don't like the combination of chocolate and (pepper)mint and the scent makes me crazy! I tolerate it when I wear the colour on its own (because it looks slightly minty and smells minty) but when I wear it with another lipgloss or lipstick, I get slightly annoyed. (I know, I know! I'm crazy, no need to tell me! :) )

Mega-Hold: unfortunately this shade has been discontinued. It's a creamy beige-ish pink that looks a bit frosty. I bought it because someone had said that it looks like a low-class stripper shade on lips and then Mindy had said that it looked awesome. I'm with Mindy on this one. The scent is mocha, I think.

Candy Decadence: Looks quite green/teal, or rather forest green on purple in most light, but changes to a deep shimmering plum with pink shimmer at different angles and closer to light, or in sunlight. Looks good layered or alone especially on deeper skintones. (Candied kiwi scent)

I couldn't get this one apply evenly for the life of me! But as you can see, it looks very plummy with green cast to it. I got this one as a sample and I'm thinking about layering it with a lighter shade because on it's own it's way too dark for my complexion.

Shangri-La: Vibrant, azalea purple-pink. Much brighter than Hysteric.(Strawberry cotton candy scent)

I LOVE this colour! It's my all-time favourite of all the Lip Lustres! It makes my skin look all glowy and stuff and it's bright but not eye-searingly so. Very juicy shade, applies like a dream.

Beloved: Semi-sheer mauve-pink enhanced with tiny reflective sparkle (not gritty glitter!). The sparkles are varying hues of blue and purple, changing to pink/orange in some lighting. This shade also has a slight aqua shimmer that changes to pink in sunlight or as it's closer to light (almost a light version of Candy Decadence, but not nearly as dramatic). Gives noticable colour and sparkle, or apply lightly to enhance your own natural lipcolour. Also looks good over lipstick. (Melon scent)

This one is another favourite of mine. It's mauve (looks darker in the container) but it's not too cool for my skin tone. I think if Shangri-La and Candy Decadence had a baby, this would be the fruit of their forbidden love. I love the aqua shimmer to bits. I'll be definitely wearing this one a lot more. It's also a perfect autumn shade.

See anything you like? Have you tried any of these colours yourself?