Sunday, 6 June 2010

More Morgana Minerals swatches

Hi everyone!

Since today is Sunday and I have made a promise to my man not to wear any makeup on Sundays (unless it's a very special and public occasion), I only have swatches for you. Negative feedback can be directed to my boyfriend. he actually says I look cute without makeup. Weirdo.

So I got some mail from Morgana Minerals. I picked up some more Get Medieval Shades (also full sizes of the some of the ones I've already swatched here) and also some other eyeshadow shades. Once again, these are swatched on TFSI + Pixie Epoxy. Shade descriptions are taken from Morgana Minerals website .

Note: Sinister and Uninvited Presence are currently being discontinued as they were part of Halloween 2009 collection. Melissa is working on new Halloween shades for this year.

(L to R, indoors without flash) Joust, Winifred, Mordred

Joust: Bright lemon-gold with intense gold sheen
Winifred: Lilac with a blue sheen and shifts of blue-green and violet
Mordred: Deep, metallic bronze

Joust just makes me smile. I love the golden toned yellow. Usually pale yellows look like crap on me but the gold perks this one up. Winifred looks like a wallflower in the jar ("another pale lilac" etc) but the blue duochrome effect makes this very lovely and interesting. Mordred is simply gorgeous. Just check out the pic taken outdoors in direct sunlight if you have any doubts.

(L to R, indoors without flash) Sinister, Uninvited Presence, Grog Blossom

Sinister: A brilliant, lustrous green that shifts aqua, blue-violet, and purple depending on the view
Uninvited Presence: Green with intense gold tones
Grog Blossom: Soft peach-red with subtle color shifts & green sparkle. Appears peach or coppery red depending on the angle

Sinister is like blueish pine green. I'll probably use this one as a liner. Uninvited Presence is just an amazing green. Mindy should so get this one (are you reading this? You should definitely get it). The golden tones pop up in sunlight (check the outdoors photo). Grog Blossom is one of my definite favourites. Peach with green sparkle? How many times I have said it: LOVE.

(L to R, indoors without flash) Coraline, Twinkling Cherrine

Coraline: A luscious, stunning coral with a pink highlight
Twinkling Cherrine: Bright, twinkling red

Coraline is such a sweet colour. I'll probably pair it up with Grog Blossom as they seem to be close friends. Twinkling Cherrine is just stunning, firetruck red with a hint of sparkle.

Okay, here are the same shades, in the same order but now the photos are taken outdoors in direct sunlight.

Joust, Winifred, Mordred

Sinister, Uninvited Presence, Grog Blossom

Coraline, Twinkling Cherrine

Hope you liked the swatches! Anything caught your eye?

Now I'm off to for a Sunday dinner with my boyfriend's family. Hope you all had a great weekend! :)