Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Dirty Talk: Sweet Peachy Blush From Meow Cosmetics

I took advantage of Meow's Egg Hunt coupon codes over the Easter weekend and ended up getting my staple foundation and Taboo blush in Dirty Talk (both full size) without shipping fees. I rarely shop at Meow (although I love their products) because of the astoundingly high shipping costs of $14.95 (that's why I advertise their free shipping coupons if they apply to international orders). So when I get a coupon with free international shipping, you can be sure that I'm using it.

I love Meow's blushes, especially Lush Blushes that have that glow thing going on. I wanted to try out Taboo blushes and because I'm wacky that way, I immediately ordered Dirty Talk without sampling because I wanted a glowy peachy blush for spring.

This pic is taken outdoors without flash. The difference between Lush Blushes and Taboos is (as I can see it ) that Taboo seems to be more sparkly. The sunlight catches the shimmer especially well whereas indoors it's just glowy. I love the shade and I'm probably going to be using this like a.. okay, my comparisons would sound way too dirty so I'm going to leave it at that.

The same blush indoors. As you can see, the sparkle is barely visible.

I think peachy blushes are great for spring, especially for us who shun the thing called bronzer.

What kind of blush do you like to wear in spring/summer? Or do you turn to bronzers instead?