Thursday, 15 April 2010

Purple Hi-Fi swatches

Hi-Fi Cosmetics doesn't seem to get enough love from me although I love Veronica's eyeshadows so here are some swatches of purple shades I picked up recently. Veronica has a spring sale: if you pick 2 eyeshadows, you get one free. Same thing with her new lipglosses. More info on her Etsy store. I have some more sale items coming my way... Can't wait to test the lippies.

Swatches are on TFSI and Pixie Epoxy, colour descriptions from Hi-Fi store.

(L to R) Immortal, Dismembered Constellation, Things That Cannot Speak

Immortal: a super-shimmery pale lavender

Dismembered Constellation: a cosmic purple with blue duochrome and a twinkling galaxy of blue sparkle!

Things That Cannot Speak: deep magenta hue with lots of fuschia and indigo glitters

 Immortal is a gorgeous colour. It's almost mirror-y because it's so shiny. Dismembered Constellation has definite pink hues in it and I love the blue duochrome. Things that cannot Speak was created by Veronica's daughter Julia (I have to say wow, the girl has a serious eye for colour already) and while it's not deep enough to be vampy in real life, it's definitely edgy and beautiful. Of course, these colours go together like ice cream, chocolate sauce and cherries. Perfectly, that is.

I took this photo in the same lighting but I twisted my hand towards the light a bit to bring out the complexity of the shades a bit better.

In all, I love Hi-Fi Cosmetics and Veronica has a lot of lovely shades and a lot of lovely purples... ;)

See anything you like? Are you going to take advantage of Hi-Fi's spring sale or have you already done so?