Thursday, 19 March 2009

Going green

I'm still sick and I don't know if I can talk yet. Total boredom. My hand is aching from writing notes to my boyfriend and not being able to talk is unnatural state for me.

So I decided to take a shower and do a look. It has been a while since I've posted anything of mild interest so I wanted to show you how Fyrinnae's Envy Me looks like since I raved about it in my last post. Also I missed St Patrick's Day so are there any better excuses to do a green look? No.

Going green look

Meow Cosmetics Pampered Puss foundation in Inquisitive Himalayan
Fyrinnae Glow Blush in Enrapture
UDPP as a primer on lids
Fyrinnae eyeshadow in Envy Me (all over upper lid and as a liner on lower lid)
Fyrinnae eyeshadow in Strip Poker (outer vee and crease)
Fyrinnae eyeshadow in But I Like Frogs (wetlined on upper lash line)
Dior Diorshow Waterproof mascara in Black
Fyrinnae Lip Lustre in Lollipop-Pop

Here you can see how lovely the sheen of Envy Me is. I just love it. It changes a bit according to how the light hits it. In its jar it looks taupe which threw me off a bit but on skin it's pure green gorgeousness.

I think Strip Poker looks okay but it's orange/coppery sheen isn't that visible. You can see it on the jar but as soon as it's applied, the shimmer is gone. And I don't blend my Fyrinnae, I always pat them on. But I Like Frogs is a great liner, it really brightens up the eyes. Take note girls: if you're hung over and your eyes are really red and you look like you probably eat brains for breakfast, put on some blue or green eyeliner.

I like how this look turned out. I chose Lollipop-Pop for the lips because it has blueish shimmer which is great if you want to plump up your lips. And I really like Fyrinnae's Glow Blush. A little goes a very long way: it's highly pigmented and a bit matte.

If you haven't tried Fyrinnae's Lip Lustres I would recommend you to do it. They are like lip stains but they're very moisturizing and their stay-on power is great. There are also many shades from girly pinks to blue and black.


Ilse said...

How beautiful you are! You don't look sick at all. The greens work wonderfully with your skin tone and gorgeous red hair!

I haven't done my face yet today, but I think I'll have to do something with greens.. ;)

Saila, the Adventurous Purple Koala said...

Thanks, hon :) I'm so happy that I just have sore throat. Usually when I'm really sick, you can see it in my eyes. I dared to do a look today because Simo told me yesterday that my eyes didn't look like I was sick.

I really love Envy Me, it's an amazing green. I usually don't wear greens that much because I'm afraid that it'll be too boring.

Go green! :D

Ilse said...

So I got green. You as my muse ;)

I used the green shade on Jane Iredale's triple eyeshadow Azure, all over the lid. The birthday gift you gave me: LimeCrime's enchant in crease and a hint of JI's 24K Gold dust in Aquamarine here and there :)

And on cheeks FaceFronts Buenos Aires.

The result is gorgeous, at least I think so.. A dark and sparky spring inspired look!

Phyrra said...

I love it :)
I think your eyes look very vibrant with those colors.
You look really pretty with that lippy, too!

Saila, the Adventurous Purple Koala said...

Thanks :) I'm really in love with Envy Me. It's very subtle but lovely.

I should wear more green, anyways. I just have a slight abhorrence with it, don't know why...