Friday, 13 February 2009

Valentine's Day look with Fyrinnae

I finally got my sample order from Fyrinnae and I have to say that I love the colours! So, of course I had to do a Valentine's Day look with Fyrinnae. My favourite colour is purple so obviously I couldn't have done a look without it. Obviously.

The most unique thing about Fyrinnae is how the colours should be applied. They are NOT meant to be brushed on, they should be patted. This is not difficult really and I did brush the colours a little while I was blending.

Okay, so I wanted to do something with purple. Fyrinnae's Demon's Tail looks almost burgundy in the jar but I can guarantee you that it's a beautiful, vibrant purple. I decided to pair it up with Apparition, a pink shade. And what would be a Valentine's look be without luscious and kissable red lips? Yeah, that's what I thought. So I puckered up.

Valentine's Day look with Fyrinnae

Meow Pampered Puss foundation in Inquisitive Himalayan
Meow Top Cat finishing powder
Meow Lush Blush in A Lick And a Promise
Fyrinnae Apparition (on upper lid)
Fyrinnae Demon's Tail (on outer vee and crease and on lower lash line)
Meow Crystalline Glow Powder in Quartz (as a higlighter below brows)
MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack (on upper lash line)
Dior Diorshow Waterproof mascara in black
Fyrinnae Lip Lustre in Type A

As you can see, Demon's Tail has a lovely sheen that catches the light beautifully. I know this is a funny picture but it was the only one where you could see that. I was very lighthanded with the colours as I wanted this look to be on the sweeter side but if you use more colour, you can make this as naughty as you like.

Okay, flash photography inside. I wanted to do this to show off the richness of Type A. I really adore this colour, it almost looks like blood and has that vampyric quality in it. Needless to say, for a pale chick like me this is perfect. And it's completely useless to make me think otherwise.

And a little bit of natural light. I think these eyeshadows make my green eyes pop. I think this look is sweet and flirty.
If you haven't checked out Fyrinnae, do it now. They don't offer pure mineral makeup but their products are all vegan. The samples are very generous and if your order exceeds $20, you get a free delivery regardless of where you live. You got to love that! Their shipping is on the slow side but that's because of how they make their products but it's not a biggie. Their products are awesome and there's loads to choose from. Also, you can change the currency from the dropdown on the upper right corner of their store so you know exactly how much you're spending.
What are your V-Day plans? I'm going to James Blunt concert with my boyfriend :)
Have a lovely Valentine's Day!


Phyrra said...

Uhm, oh my god, drop dead gorgeous!
I overlooked those 2 eye shadow colors but I need to add them to my wish list. And Type A is fabulous, just like you said! I'm sooo glad I have a Type A coming to me. I really like this look on you.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Saila, the Adventurous Purple Koala said...

Thanks, sweetie :) And Happy Valentine's Day!

Yeah, I ordered these samples pretty randomly, I didn't even remember I had ordered them. Daemon's Tail looks very burgundy in the jar and my initial thought was "ewww" but then I swatched it on my hand and it was like "haaaalelujah", amazing purple!

Type A is such a beautiful lip colour. I have been hunting for a shade like this forever. This has just the right red and the right amoun of shimmer.

Phyrra said...

Yay :)

I'm about to sleep and then wake up for my Valentine's day! (it's 2:44am here)

I think I'm going to have to go with something purple today, if for no other reason than I <3 purple.

Type A looks awesome on you and it can be really hard to find the perfect red.

Yeah Daemon's Tail on the website didn't look appealing to me at all but after seeing it on you I think I need to try it :P

Do you prefer purples to be more blue or more red? Or does it depend on your mood?

Hope your day is fabulous!

Ilse said...

Wow! You look amazing! Your eyes look really green in this look.

Today is Valentine's and actually the first time my boyfriend is not working on Saturday, so I want to look gorgeous tonight.. Maybe I'll try to do something similar to this look tonight...

Saila, the Adventurous Purple Koala said...

Daemon's Tail was a complete dark horse. I never would've guessed it to be this gorgeous.

I usually like purples that are more blue but not lavender or too blue. It's hard to describe but I know the perfect purple for me instantly (okay, I was sure that Daemon's Tail would be too red so I may be wrong sometimes). Burgundy usually makes me look sick. But I've noticed that my range of purples has expanded *lol*

I did a more natural V-Day look, blah.

Saila, the Adventurous Purple Koala said...

Ilse: Thanks hon :)

The reason I love purples is that they make my eyes more green. No one really know what my "true" eye colour is but I like to try to make them appear greener.

You can't go wrong with purples, dahling! ;D