Sunday, 17 January 2010

FOTD: Hot Pink Mess

Hi everyone!

I'm sticking with the plan to do more colourful looks since there have been so many nautral/everyday looks in this blog in the last few months. Pink is the colour of today. I just decided so.

For this look I mostly used Fyrinnae products. Chaotic Evil is a hot pink with silver sparkle. I need to try this with Pixie Epoxy. Darling Misfit is a magenta pink with aqua highlights and if you don't have this pink you should get at least a sample of it! I love the aqua in it. It's a gorgeous colour. Kitten in Heels is a bright fuchsia with violet and blue shimmer. I haven't used this much and now I'm wondering why. Sakura is one of my favourite highlighter colours when I'm doing purple or pink looks. It's lavender-based white.

FOTD: Hot Pink Mess


Purely Cosmetics Skin Smoothing foundation (as a foundation and as a concealer)
Aromaleigh You're a Doll! finishing powder in Parfait
Fyrinnae blush in Enrapture
Fyrinnae blush in Bewitching (over Enrapture)


Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Fyrinnae eyeshadow in Chaotic Evil (2/3 of inner upper lid)
Fyrinnae eyeshadow in Darling Misfit (1/2 of outer lid, overlapping Chaotic Evil)
Fyrinnae eyeshadow in Kitten in Heels (crease)
Fyrinnae eyeshadow in Sakura (below brow as a highlighter)
MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack
Fyrinnae eyeshadow in Wicked (over Blacktrack)
Lumene Blueberry Curl waterproof mascara in Rich Black


Fyrinnae lip lustre in Shangri-La

Oh, this is why I love pinks. At their best, they are vibrant and exciting. And forget about the crap that redheads can't wear pink eyeshadow! I've seen Rimmel ads with Lily Cole rocking screamingly fuchsia eyeshadow. In this pic you can also see the cool effect of Wicked over black liner. It looks like the feathers of a magpie, glistening with petrol-like sheen. It makes the liner look more exciting than just plain black.
I'm a bit disappointed that I couldn't capture the aqua shimmer of Darling Misfit on camera. It's still too little sunlight, I'm afraid.

Yes, the hair. I was supposed to go to fix it on friday but unfortunately my hairdresser had woken up and realized that her roof was leaking. But I'm getting this mess sorted out tomorrow.

I love the two blushed together. Actually, what happened was that Enrapture looked too warm by itself and I picked much cooler Bewitched to tone it down.

I love Shangri-La. It's such a refreshing pink-purple.

What do you think? Like pinks?


Nea/ Fashioned in Finland said...

Don't like pinks but this looks very good on you :) Lovely!

Saila said...

Thanks, Nea! Try peachy shades then ;) Bet it would look good on your baby blues.

Sagu said...

I love pinks, and they look sooo good on you too! :) Shangri-La looks lovely <3

Ymmärsinkö mä ihan omiani aiemmin, vai asutko säkin Vantaalla?

Saila said...

Sagu: Thanks :) Shangri-La IS lovely, it's surprisingly flattering on me.

Oon asunut Vantaalla suurimman osan elämääni, nykyään asun kyllä Helsingissä :)

Evil Angel said...

I love pinks and they look gorgeous on you!

Saila said...

Thanks :) Pinks are great. I use the more delicate pinks for office and the stronger ones for edgier looks.

Phyrra said...

I love the pink look! Darling Misfit, Chaotic Evil and Wicked are some of my favorites ;) You look so alive and fresh in pink.

Sagu said...

Luuletkos sitten että voitaisiin joskus tehdä vaikka kimppatilausta? :) Jos tulee tarvetta tilata vaikka Meowilta jolla ne postikulut on aika karseat.

Kim said...

Love pinks! I don't think I use them enough but I think I will today!

Saila said...

Phyrra: Thanks, sweetie :) Darling Misfit is my precious, or at least one of them *lol*

Sagu: Kyllähän se käy :) Postarit on monesti vähän sellainen murheenkryyni, että vaikkei ostais kauheasti niin tuntuu, että maksaa välillä itsensä kipeäksi siitä, että saa paketin ylipäätään perille.

Kim: Yes! Get pinking! :)

Lisa Kate said...

This looks awesome on you!! I love how you blended the two blushes together as well!

Saila said...

Lisa Kate: Thank you :) I partly chose Shangri-La as a gloss to show you how it looks on us non-pigmented :)