Saturday, 15 May 2010

Morgana Minerals lippie swatches

This doesn't necessarily mean I'm not going to post an FOTD this weekend. I've just meant to have done this ages ago so I'm starting this Saturday by giving you some swatches of Morgana Minerals lippies.

As most of you probably know, the lippies are vegan. This affect the formula by making the lippies feel a bit harder. Not to worry, it's not a bad thing. You don't have to use the force to get some colour on your lips. However, if your lips are a bit chapped (like mine), you may want to use a lipbalm underneath. These are quite longwearing and the colour payoff is amazing. These lippies cost $10 a pop which is a steal because of the rich pigmentation. Morgana also offers non-traditional colours like green, blue, silver and different shades of black.

First off a skin swatch (on bare skin). Shade descriptions are taken from Morgana Minerals website.

L to R: Azalea Blue, Coraline's Kiss, Very Cherry, Watermelon

Azalea Blue: Hot pink with a blue sheen
Coraline's Kiss: A luscious, stunning coral with a pink highlight
Very Cherry: Rich, medium red with a cherry scent

Watermelon: Pink with subtle green twinkles and a watermelon scent

Azalea Blue on lips. As you can see, the blue sheen is visible and OMGgorgeous. I love pinks with blue sheen/shimmer because my brain has decided that my lips look fuller in that colour.

Coraline's Kiss on lips. No, it's not the lipstick, it's my application. I put these on straight from the tube (bad kitty, BAD KITTY!) so they may appear a bit patchy. This is a nice, golden coral shade.

My camera refused to zoom on Very Cherry so this is the best pic I got. It's very red and a bit metallic.

Watermelon is my favourite. You can see a bit of the green shimmer. It's gorgeous. Lipsticks with a green shimmer are another obsession of mine. There just aren't enough of those.

Sorry about the cruddy lip swatches, I need to practice taking lip photos more AND perfect my application method, at least for the sake of photography.

Have you tried Morgana's lippies? Any favourites? See anything you like here?